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Levko Koper hockey card checklist

We have 7 cards in our Levko Koper checklist. Please keep in mind that the checklist typically will not contain parallel or extremely limited edition cards issued by major brand card companies.

Year Card # Set Name
Common Minor sets
2008-09 135 ITG Heroes and Prospects (Heroes & Prospects Update)
2008-09 NNO ITG Heroes and Prospects - Memorial Cup Winners
2008-09 NNO ITG Heroes and Prospects - Update Autographs
Team Sets
2007-08 13 Spokane Chiefs - Grandstand [WHL]
2008-09 14 Spokane Chiefs - Grandstand [WHL]
2008-09 4 Spokane Chiefs - Player magnets [WHL]
2009-10 6 Spokane Chiefs - Player Magnets [WHL]