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2001-02 Trenton Titans Checklist

This set was sold at games for $15 for the first 12-card series starting in January 2001. A second series was issued in March for another $15. The set is unnumbered and is listed alphabetically, by 12-card series.
# Description
A-01 Syl Apps
A-02 Marco Charpentier
A-03 Aniket Dhadphale
A-04 Kirk Lamb
A-05 Matt Libby
A-06 Cail MacLean
A-07 John Nail
A-08 Geoff Peters
A-09 Scott Ricci
A-10 David St. Germain
A-11 Matt Zultek
A-12 Chuck Weber [Assistant Coach]
B-01 Graham Belak
B-02 Scott Bertoli
B-03 Ian Forbes
B-04 Pat Leahy
B-05 Andreas Moborg
B-06 Dan Murphy
B-07 Steve O'Brien
B-08 Alain St. Hilaire
B-09 Ben Stafford
B-10 Kam White
B-11 Peter Horachek [Head Coach]
B-12 Rivet [Mascot]
Trenton Titans 2001-02 hockey card image