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2001-02 El Paso Buzzards Checklist

This set looks like it was printed on a color laser printer. The set is hand-cut, so each card is a slightly different size. The cards are unnumbered and are listed alphabetically.
# Description
1 Trent Eigner
2 Van Burgess
3 Clint Collins
4 Rhett Dudley
5 Kelly Riou
6 Chris Zaleski
7 Jeremy Vanin
8 Derrell Upton
9 Mike Rees
10 Justin Van Parys
11 Trevor Hammer
12 Jason Tessier
13 Dory Tisdale
14 Rob Laurie
15 Troy Linna
16 Jeff Levy
17 Aaron Phillips
18 Kory Baker
19 Corey Waring
20 John Hanson
El Paso Buzzards 2001-02 hockey card image