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2002-03 Fort Worth Brahmas Checklist

Kicksave Design
This set is printed on thin card stock. It was given away in parts at two separate games. The set is unnumbered and is listed below in alphabetical order.
# Description
1 Adam Davis
2 Jason Fricker
3 David Fry
4 Rob Giffin
5 Chad Grills
6 Sean Hughes
7 Lee Jacobson
8 Lloyd Marks
9 Mike McKinnon
10 Jim Midgley
11 John Murphy
12 Jason Reesor
13 Mike Rusk
14 Joe Van Volsen
15 T.J. Warkus
16 Jeff Washbrook
17 Justin Williams
18 Chad Woollard
19 Bill Inglis [Head Coach]
20 Bruiser [Mascot]