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Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League Logo Gallery

This is a gallery of logos from teams in the Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League. The SOJHL was a Other Junior hockey league playing from 1970 to 1977. You can click on each logo to view a larger image.

Logos not yet available
Brantford Majors (1970-72)
Buffalo Tondas (1973-74)
Chatham Maroons (1970-76)
Collingwood ??? (1976-77)
Detroit Junior Red Wings (1970-75)
Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters (1972-75)
Guelph C.M.C.'s (1970-72)
Guelph Holody Platers (1975-77)
Michigan Americans (1973-74)
Mount Hamilton A's (1975-77)
Owen Sound Greys (1975-77)
Sarnia Bees (1971-72)
St. Thomas Elgins (1970-73)
Windsor Spitfires (1971-75)