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Smiths Falls Bears [CCHL, 1985-2000] all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the Smiths Falls Bears. The Smiths Falls Bears were a hockey team playing in the Central Canada Hockey League from 1985 to 2000. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 219 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
Brett Agan000001992-19931G Junior A (Canada)
Ian Albertson100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Justin Allard5041418711996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Shawn Allard3761117261991-19921R1975-03-24Mont-Tremblant, PQMinor Pro
Doug Armstrong47141731461988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Joe Aseves1600061985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Ed Baker200021988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Rob Baker16358261988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Sean Baker5951823491985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
J.J. Bancroft213251131995-19961 Junior A (Canada)
Mark Beaupre100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Scot Bell5750581081361991-19921R1972-04-18Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Andre Belzile41816241331985-19861D1967-12-09Kingston, ONTMajor Junior
Kevin Biggar1832581996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Spencer Birnie202201996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Blair300001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Mark Boisclair911241987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Todd Bone523525601251988-19891R1969-10-10Newmarket, ONTCollege-University
Fred Brathwaite38000121988-19891G1972-11-24Ottawa, ONTMajor League
Lawrence Brennan4361117841988-19922 Junior A (Canada)
Don Brooks201121987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Glen Brown1101077873301993-19962D1975-01-25Kenora, ONTJunior A (Canada)
Ben Bryce5131013791996-19971D1978-03-03Carleton Place, ONTEuropean Lower Leagues
Doug Buchanan452124451001985-19861Junior A (Canada)
Anthony Calhoun100001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Paul Cannon302201991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Paul Carr511201991-19932 Junior A (Canada)
Todd Carriere57142236461985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Derek Catellier612341991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Joel Charbonneau11538311987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Nicolas Chatham100001996-19971G Major Junior
Craig Chiarelli74495099971991-19943 Junior A (Canada)
Rob Chilton4655101271987-19881D1969-02-17Massena, NYCollege-University
Jason Clarke46711182051991-19921Carleton Place, ONTJunior A (Canada)
Jason Clement9011101987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Mark Conley600021991-19921G Minor Pro
Mike Craig1566998167541992-19974 Junior A (Canada)
Tim Craig200001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Ken Crook195510791987-198811970-01-18 Junior A (Canada)
Doug Curran268311851985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Daniels50712192031991-19921R1972-09-23Orleans, MAMinor Pro
Steve Darou56295281601987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Jim Darragh14167571991-19921 Semi-Professional
Peter Davis22022721991-19921 Semi-Professional
Barry Degray5242226961988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Austin Deluis933647832161995-19972 Junior A (Canada)
Kevin Devaney700021987-19881GJunior A (Canada)
Adam Dewan3101161996-19971L1979-10-18Kanata, ONTMinor Pro
Kevin Dickey16437471987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Don Dickson40412161331987-198811970-09-13 Minor Pro
Robin Dickson53178581988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Joe DiPenta52132033781996-19971D1979-02-25Barrie, ONTMajor League
Marc Doherty100021988-19891 Major Junior
Mark Doyle500021987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Doyle201141987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Trevor Doyle3351217621991-19921D1974-01-01Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Troy Echlin28358661987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Brad Ethier200001987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Brian Farguhar44101525431996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Troy Finch6235501985-19882 Junior A (Canada)
Ted Fitzgerald6000191987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
J.B. Flueckiger8011121988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Dave Ford563710931991-19921 College-University
Brian Forestell21516101987-19881L1971-07-24Madoc, ONTMajor Junior
Jeff Foster5494756741993-19941D1974-09-04Napanee, ONTMinor Pro
Dale Fowler37101323221985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Larry Frappier15134121985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Chad Gardiner45121022991996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Garrow52537421761995-19961D1975-08-04Kenora, ONTMinor Pro
Eddie Gaudreau3015661987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Gendron823521995-19961 Junior A (Canada)
Josh Gordon2546101321995-19961C1977-04-13 Junior A (Canada)
Ron Gough100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Aaron Graham4810818311996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Vincent Grant10356111167671995-19972C1979-01-27Metcalfe, ONTMinor Pro
David Guerrera3801121996-19971G1978-10-13Saint-Leonard, PQMinor Pro
David Harrison200001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Healey100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Doug Healy39193453371985-19861Junior A (Canada)
Rob Heffernan100001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Ryan Hemsley000001992-19931 Junior A (Canada)
Garry Hennigar5461420551993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Brian Hickey4051419401993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Chad Hitchins200001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Kevin Hofland500021996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Clint Holmes323361181995-19961 Junior A (Canada)
Derek Holmes100001991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Kevin Holmes58131629911985-19861 Major Junior
Sean Hughes10946701162731993-19962L1975-05-26Kenora, ONTMinor Pro
John Hunt5011201991-19932 Junior A (Canada)
Ryan Hunter000001992-19931 Junior A (Canada)
Jim Hutchins27101828341985-19861L1968-04-10North Gower, ONTMajor Junior
Jeff Hyndman551020301011987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Hynes1211011511985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Dave Hyrsky52142943391985-19861 College-University
Todd Isaacson4303341987-19892G Junior A (Canada)
Jamie Jackson310101988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Kevin Johns105521011531701995-19972L1977-04-20Almonte, ONTCollege-University
John Johnson29151328411987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Andy Johnston710181988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Jeff Kaufman56232750641991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Jason Kellar6011141991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Barry Kennedy1400021985-19861GJunior A (Canada)
Craig Kennedy100001996-19971FPakerham, ONTCollege-University
Scott Konink491012221981987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Derek Kopman5221517531991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Paul Kostuch11202161987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Steven Kruize12246191988-19891 European Elite
Alain Labelle1091233453751987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Brent Lafave58242852381987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Bill Laird496713651993-19941L1977-11-10Lar, GermanyMinor Pro
Chancy Lajoie3091423421995-19961 Junior A (Canada)
Mario Laroche200001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Larocque901141988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Mark Lauzon17055681987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Aaron Legault28213871991-19932R1975-07-06Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Jeremie Legault3071017361991-19921R1975-07-06Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Mike Letters531328411811987-19881D1970-08-22Eganville, ONTJunior A (Canada)
Bob Lindsay48112940381985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Ben Macintosh13202101985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Brandon MacMillan38711181541985-19882 Junior A (Canada)
Ben Maidment11247841312111991-19943F1975-01-08Smiths Falls, ONTMinor Pro
Todd Mallette100001988-19891 European Lower Leagues
Mike Malloy472321441061985-19882College-University
Lloyd Marks175611121995-19961C1977-10-21Dawson Creek, BCMinor Pro
Scott Matthews44102939611988-198911970-01-29 Major Junior
Mike Matuszek1300081987-19881G1970-05-07Bancroft, ONTMajor Junior
Mike McCourt10347121987-19881D1970-07-26Brockville, ONTMinor Pro
Mark McCreary55313162481988-19891R1969-09-18Kingston, ONTMinor Pro
Lewis McGuire11404381991-19932 Junior A (Canada)
Tyler McKenzie1100001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Dan McNeely000001992-19931 Junior A (Canada)
Dan Menard50102434691991-19921C1973-12-05Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Kevin Merpaw3044861991-19921 European Lower Leagues
Jason Miskelly100001987-19881G Junior A (Canada)
Ryan Moore54101424161993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Pierre Nadeau6011591987-19881 Major Junior
Jason Nicholson2501161991-19921G1972-10-26Oakville, ONTCollege-University
Jeff Nicholson731418321201985-19882 Major Junior
Mickey Nicholson482621471791985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Sean O'Shaugnessy000001992-19931 Junior A (Canada)
Gord Ollson000001992-19931 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Olmstead201101988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Brad Osborne35172542731987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Ed Palmer2891423281991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Hickory Parker7000201987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Karlo Pavich15358141985-19861 Major Junior
Andy Pearson32022121985-19882G1967-02-24Newburgh, ONTMajor Junior
Rob Percival26257581985-19861 College-University
Peter Pettit200001987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Maurizio Piamonte961035451021991-19943 College-University
Dave PiIon200021988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Poapst6081826911985-19861D1969-01-03Cornwall, ONTMajor League
Ryan Poll46681481996-19971 College-University
Paul Porter400081987-19881G1968-01-31Toronto, ONTMajor Junior
Jason Powers4200041991-19932G Junior A (Canada)
Todd Prieur100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Kristopher Purdy47268121996-19971L1980-10-10Kanata, ONTMajor Junior
Jim Quilty501121996-19971D1978-07-23Renfrew, ONTMinor Pro
Ed Rafuse6172532351987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Jason Ralph44159241261992-19942R1975-09-02Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Stephen Rees392432561301995-19961 Junior A (Canada)
Bryan Reid56111930251991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Ian Richardson000001992-19931 College-University
Greg Rickwood12471141988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Brent Riddall532032522541991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Shawn Ringer100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Tom Rittwage600041987-19881G Junior A (Canada)
Eric Roberts36142640181988-19891FKingston, ONTMinor Pro
Richard Robinson100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Paul Rodrigue500001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Rob Roncenelli100001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Sean Ross1714822201993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Row58263460541987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Russell Rowe522533581021988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Sean Sackett382911771988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Jeff Sands52110111741995-19961D Junior A (Canada)
Michael Saunders81517221711995-19972 Junior A (Canada)
Adam Sauve97315889701995-19972F1978-05-14Sudbury, ONTCollege-University
Maxime Savard44516211721996-19971 College-University
Dan Schleher810121991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Travis Scott300021991-19921G1975-09-14Kanata, ONTMajor League
Tim Sebalj43111324261985-198611969-02-10 Junior A (Canada)
Chris Seed39311141381985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Greg Shtraman300001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Andre Signoretti971736531021995-19972D1979-01-16Manotick, ONTMinor Pro
Brian Smith420991871988-198911968-02-27 Junior A (Canada)
Shawn Smith100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Derek Smolkin100001987-19881G Junior A (Canada)
Jeff Snow100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Maxim Spiridonov51523688711995-19961R1978-04-07Moscow, RussiaMinor Pro
Jamie Squirrell800081985-19861GJunior A (Canada)
Richard St. Amand1001181988-19891 College-University
Adrian Stevens13112121988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Andy Stewart32279281987-19881 Minor Pro
Troy Stonier5561622381993-19941L1977-06-05Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Jason Sutton57443377741993-19941 Semi-Professional
Kevin Tallman3000101988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Kirk Tallman2981119131988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Quentin Taylor200001996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Ken Thibodeau555855113831988-19891C1970-05-18Etobicoke, ONTMinor Pro
Mac Thurston100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Peter Thurston10000291987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Tom Toupin200021991-19921 Junior A (Canada)
Dean Usher57101929761985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Erik Vigneault800041987-19881G Junior A (Canada)
Blaine Walker102111381987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Scott Walker000001992-19931D1978-06-30Abington, MACollege-University
Shawn Wansborough5149541032241993-19941L1974-06-03Deseronto, ONTMinor Pro
Troy Ward37918271341987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
David Weagle983740772181992-19973DSmiths Falls, ONTCollege-University
Lenny Welton200001996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Andrew Williams701216281721993-19962 Junior A (Canada)
Jackson Wilson49101323871996-19971F1989-10-29Mill Bay, BCCollege-University
Kelly Winsor4841115401996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Chris Wylie100061987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Jeff Yach200001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Brad Young100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Derek Zarzycki412301988-19891 Junior A (Canada)

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.