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Dijon all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the Dijon. The Dijon were a hockey team playing in the France from 2003 to 2010. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 93 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
Marcus Abrahamsson28077262003-20041D1974-11-04 European Lower Leagues
Aurelien Albano27325542003-20052F European Lower Leagues
Josh Allison5498171612003-20052D1979-04-17Blairsville, PAEuropean Lower Leagues
Antoine Amsellem23819532005-20061 European Lower Leagues
Antoine Ansellem18639512006-20071 European Lower Leagues
Julien Aubry25358562006-200711979-07-18 European Lower Leagues
Martin Balcik263581282008-20091D1985-09-19 European Elite
Thomas Bergamelli567714682003-20052 European Lower Leagues
Jimmy Bjennmyr2400062004-20051 European Lower Leagues
Erik Bochna753142731332005-20093European Lower Leagues
Jean-Michel Bortino22000102003-20041 European Lower Leagues
Matthieu Bouche26178562003-20041 European Lower Leagues
Matthieu Brigand700002003-20052 European Lower Leagues
Mickael Brodin53911202062004-20062 European Lower Leagues
Thomas Bussat26347402003-20041 European Lower Leagues
Loic Chabert1300042008-20102 European Lower Leagues
Fabien Chardon2600002005-20061 European Lower Leagues
Jiri Cihlar257916202003-20041F1969-08-19 European Elite
Antoine Cohen2600062008-20091 European Lower Leagues
David Dauphin52224282007-20092 European Lower Leagues
Thomas Decock45101424262008-201021986-08-10 European Lower Leagues
Michal Dian24121224862007-20081R1980-02-11European Elite
Martin Drotar264812422005-20061R1981-11-05European Elite
Kevin Dugas100112031442005-20094 European Lower Leagues
Stephane Dugas18049731222512003-20107F European Lower Leagues
Ludovic Duranceau55044202003-20052 European Lower Leagues
Yassine Fahas5701122005-20104 European Lower Leagues
Miroslav Fiser209101982007-20081 European Lower Leagues
Andy Foliot2601102009-20101G European Lower Leagues
Yvan Fontana23325162007-20081 European Lower Leagues
Gregory Fougere5300062003-20052 European Lower Leagues
Ladislav Gabris17134262006-20071D1981-03-18European Elite
Romain Gentilleau55279182003-20052 European Lower Leagues
Aymeric Gillet1792945744992003-20107 European Lower Leagues
Guillaume Grandjean1100002003-20041 European Lower Leagues
Thomas Gueguen722827551512003-20063 European Lower Leagues
Anthony Guttig92223557892006-20104European Lower Leagues
Florian Hardy2601102009-20101G1985-02-08European Elite
Arnaud Hascoet2561622162009-20101 European Lower Leagues
Vladimir Hiadlovsky51077672005-20072G European Elite
Radovan Hurajt50022452007-20092G1982-02-13European Elite
Tomas Janak26055142008-20091European Lower Leagues
Marek Jancek263141032008-20091D1985-05-02, SlovakiaMinor Pro
Peter Jasik2681119452006-20071European Elite
Martin Jeannette487815162005-20072 European Lower Leagues
Guillaume Karrer247714902006-20071D1981-02-26Paris, FranceMinor Pro
Aram Kevorkian283710162004-20051 European Lower Leagues
Calle Konsti28741182004-200511979-09-05 European Elite
Miroslav Kristin11874651393462005-20105R1982-01-22European Elite
Peter Lalka26167422007-20081R1983-11-02European Elite
Thomas Lecoanet2900002007-20103 European Lower Leagues
Alexandre Lefebvre19257242007-20081 European Lower Leagues
Anton Lezo2618422282009-20101F1972-04-30European Elite
Jesse Lustberg25246282009-20101 European Lower Leagues
Olivier Maltais229615502006-20071L1981-04-01Saint-Bruno, PQMinor Pro
Daniel Masik1600042008-20102 European Lower Leagues
Luc Mazerolle50212142582008-20102W1982-02-23Gatineau, PQMinor Pro
Arnaud Mazzone28224222004-20051 European Lower Leagues
Pavol Milec2551217582007-200811980-07-02European Elite
Mathieu Mille5041014682004-20102 European Lower Leagues
Wilfried Molmy2500082003-20041 European Lower Leagues
William Mouly25033242006-20071 European Lower Leagues
Andrej Mrena75152843822005-20083D1981-03-03European Elite
Frank Neckar27000182003-20041G European Lower Leagues
Karl-Ola Nilsson200002004-20051 European Lower Leagues
Aki Numinen25279242009-20101 European Lower Leagues
Yannick Offret22112272007-20081 European Lower Leagues
Erwan Pain25111122322009-20101 European Lower Leagues
Rastislav Palov2681321142005-20061R1975-08-29European Elite
Miroslav Pazak53443680852003-20052 European Lower Leagues
Valdemar Pelikovsky273471212004-20051D1979-06-01Cesky Tesin, Czech Rep.Minor Pro
Anton Poznik2258131242005-20061D1981-03-31European Elite
Ondrej Prokop700022008-20091F1981-08-11European Elite
Pavel Resetka262810342009-20101D1973-12-06European Elite
Matt Reynolds1851419242009-20101F1981-05-07Athens, ONTMinor Pro
Nicolas Ritz1731422009-20101C1992-02-26European Elite
Julien Roullier5200022007-20092G European Lower Leagues
Sebastien Rousselin247512462005-200611982-07-01 European Lower Leagues
Vladimir Sabol2611213362008-20091 European Lower Leagues
Juraj Sadlon26459442007-20081D1984-01-13Martin, SlovakiaEuropean Elite
Thibaud Saintecroix300002005-20092 European Lower Leagues
Pierre Sanchez100002009-20101 European Lower Leagues
Matthieu Seguy5041115262008-20102 European Lower Leagues
Juraj Senko50315181542006-20092D1984-10-10Zilina, SlovakiaEuropean Elite
Peter Strapaty5131114542007-20102 European Elite
Miroslav Sucko23022182005-20061 European Lower Leagues
Alexandre Sucre200002007-20081 European Lower Leagues
Calle Suuronen284812162004-20051 European Lower Leagues
Milan Tekel802633591392003-20063 European Lower Leagues
Dave Thomas24156502005-20061R1981-11-13East Petersburg, PAEuropean Lower Leagues
Julien Tiphaigne80167202003-20063 European Lower Leagues
Robert Vavroch28111930402003-20041C1973-12-18Budweis, Czech Rep.European Elite
Boris Zahumensky6000122008-20091D1985-08-25Skalica, SlovakiaEuropean Lower Leagues

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.