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Glasgow Saints all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the Glasgow Saints. The Glasgow Saints were a hockey team playing in the British Hockey League from 1990 to 1991. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 34 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
Gerry Anderson40011201990-19911G European Lower Leagues
Todd Annand387973152321990-19911C1964-07-15Petawawa, ONTEuropean Lower Leagues
Richard Black38244266201990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Rob Boyle74610101990-199111964-02-13 European Lower Leagues
Jeff Carter109152421990-19911C1964-08-03European Lower Leagues
Graeme Cullen300001990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Jason Currie15011311990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Jim Dailly12123221990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Tony Daly16224301990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Justin Davis21022101990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Mike Davis900081990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Mike Drummond1100001990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Paul Duffy100001990-19911G European Lower Leagues
Gary Fyffe4063440441990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Norrie Grieve1600041990-19911 European Lower Leagues
John Hester291192081990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Tommy Kidd402241990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Derek King100001990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Martyn King1401101990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Gordon Langford100001990-19911G European Lower Leagues
Doug Marsden273563981171990-19911DCaledonia, ONTMinor Pro
Terry McCutcheon276848116741990-19911L1964-05-15Brussels, ONTMinor Pro
Mark McKendrick300001990-19911G European Lower Leagues
Mike O'Connor39911201271990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Barry O'Neil200001990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Rod Ramsay3022101990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Kenny Redmond25233558241990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Tony Redmond3592231341990-19911F1975-04-22 European Elite
Gary Shearer200001990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Martin Shields13112121990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Amos Smith1035861990-19911 European Lower Leagues
David Spence2602241990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Stuart White3103361990-19911 European Lower Leagues
Rob Whyte4123341990-19911 European Lower Leagues

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.