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North Bay Trappers [NOJHL, 1962-1972] all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the North Bay Trappers. The North Bay Trappers were a hockey team playing in the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League from 1962 to 1972. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 68 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
Ron Avery000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Chris Baldwin000001971-19721 College-University
Bill Barber000001967-19681F1952-07-11Callander, ONTMajor League
John Barber000001963-19641D1947-07-13North Bay, ONTMinor Pro
Tom Barber000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Ralph Beaucage000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Bruce Bothwell000001965-19661 Junior A (Canada)
Roger Bowness000001963-19641 Junior A (Canada)
Randy Brush000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Corky Bucci000001967-19681LChapleau, ONTJunior A (Canada)
Ron Burman000001963-19662D1946-05-24Timmins, ONTMinor Pro
Gaye Cooley000001963-19641G1946-07-06Kirkland Lake, ONTMajor League
Bob Cotie000001965-19661 Junior A (Canada)
Brian Craig000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Rick Culham000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Ab DeMarco000001965-19661D1949-02-27Cleveland, OHMajor League
Brian Dooling000001963-19641WNorth Bay, ONTCollege-University
Brian Driscoll000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Bob Dupuis000001967-19722G1952-08-26North Bay, ONTMajor League
Bob Empie000001963-19641CNorth Bay, ONTSenior Amateur
John Finnigan000001965-19682 Junior A (Canada)
Brian Flaxey000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Georges Gendron000001971-19721D1953-07-28Sturgeon Falls, ONTMinor Pro
Don Grierson000001967-19681R1947-06-16Toronto, ONTMajor League
John Haflison000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Wayne Heasman000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Barry Jacks000001963-19641WNorth Bay, ONTMinor Pro
Sam Jackson000001963-19641 Junior A (Canada)
Bill Johnston000001963-19641 Major Junior
Sheldon Kannegiesser000001963-19641D1947-08-15North Bay, ONTMajor League
Tom Kavanaugh000001963-19641 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Kennedy000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Mitch Lajeunesse000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Andre Lalande000001965-19661G Semi-Professional
Mike Leckie000001971-19721 College-University
Dick Magnusson000001963-19641 Junior A (Canada)
Roger Major000001965-19661 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Mantha000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Tom Marcotte000001963-19641Minor Pro
Leo Martel000001963-19641 Major Junior
Mike Moore000001965-19661 Junior A (Canada)
Pat Moore000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Stan Patoine000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Brian Peddle000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Penasse000001971-19721D1953-11-03Sturgeon Falls, ONTMinor Pro
Mickey Pirie000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Trevor Prescott000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Randy Prior000001963-19662R1946-09-06North Bay, ONTMinor Pro
Moe Ranger000001967-19681G Junior A (Canada)
Ron Rathwell000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Marty Reynolds000001963-19662C1946-03-03North Bay, ONTMinor Pro
Mike Reynolds000001967-19681Junior A (Canada)
George Ringler000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Ron Ringler000001965-19661L1947-06-20North Bay, ONTMinor Pro
Steve Ringler000001971-19721Semi-Professional
Bob Seguin000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Ron Shephard000001971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Kevin Strang000001971-19721LSemi-Professional
Kirk Sutherland02734611171970-19711Minor Pro
Jim Talentino000001965-19661 Junior A (Canada)
Ray Teasdale000001963-19641Semi-Professional
Jim Thomas000001963-19641 Junior A (Canada)
Bob Van Mierlo000001971-19721G Major Junior
Terry Wall000001965-19661C1945-08-25North Bay, ONTSemi-Professional
Steve Wasylkiw000001963-19641 Junior A (Canada)
Ron Webb000001965-19661 Semi-Professional
Jim West000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Brian Whitehead0323163361970-19722 Junior A (Canada)

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.