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North York Rangers [MetJHL] all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the North York Rangers. The North York Rangers were a hockey team playing in the Metro Junior A Hockey League from 1992 to 1998. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 141 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
Robert Ackerman43224141997-19981R Junior A (Canada)
B.J. Adams931549641691993-19952D1976-05-07Scarborough, ONTMinor Pro
Ralph Aiello923561995-19961FToronto, ONTCollege-University
Carl Anso22033241997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Joey Arko1600001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Brent Atkins1123351841131994-19973 College-University
Greg Avery502201997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Nelson Avila1367760137861993-19963 Junior A (Canada)
Scott Barney41161935881994-19951R1979-03-27Oshawa, ONTMajor League
Adam Biehler477815271997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Rob Blakely53203050671994-19962 Junior A (Canada)
Rob Blakley4611314531994-19951 Junior A (Canada)
Kevin Bowles45122032981993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Pat Bryant3958132271993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Rob Budd115712121996-19971C1976-12-16Scarborough, ONTCollege-University
Peter Bulyaki3291019491993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
David Burnett23044281993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Stuwart Cameron100001993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Phillip Cernecca101101997-19981L College-University
Adam Chapman310101997-19981L1982-03-27Alliston, ONTMinor Pro
Chris Chapman29189161994-19951D1976-11-09Junior A (Canada)
Rob Chisholm471325381441997-19981F1978-11-30Antigonish, NSCollege-University
Vic Cizmarik29173451151995-19961FBratislava, SlovakiaMinor Pro
Fraser Clair4610818351997-19981R1981-01-07Edmonton, ALTAMinor Pro
Eric Clarke34178791997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Aaron Coles47613121994-19951DMajor Junior
Pete Constantine511323361171993-19952D1975-04-10Toronto, ONTMinor Pro
Matt Cordosa471317301041997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Anthony Cornacchia9336741102251993-19952F1977-05-12Toronto, ONTCollege-University
Mike Craig4721618591995-19972 Junior A (Canada)
Jamie Davidson211114251851996-199711978-01-02Toronto, ONTMinor Pro
Bob Davis39156141994-19951D1975-02-25Peterborough, ONTMinor Pro
Dan Davis100001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Shane Day4100001995-19961GJunior A (Canada)
Blair Downey612321993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Bruce Downey302221993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Druce Downey100001993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Dunsmuir4551116701997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Jenya Feldman431414281141994-19951 Junior A (Canada)
Jason Fenn2011241996-19971F Junior A (Canada)
Paul Ferris261419331221993-19952 Junior A (Canada)
Ron Fleming200001993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Ryan Fletcher401101993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Aaron Fox18101201995-19961LMajor Junior
Todd Fox285712311995-19961 Junior A (Canada)
John Gacco100001993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
John Gallagher61355085651995-19972 Junior A (Canada)
Rob Goodwin573361991994-19962DJunior A (Canada)
Max Gorobetz211201996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Stu Gowans41919281161996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Don Grant19022121997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Keith Hache500021993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Julius Halfkenny263710121997-19981D1981-02-08Scarborough, ONTMinor Pro
B.J. Hamilton2751419301995-19961F1977-04-09Junior A (Canada)
Mike Hamilton302221997-19981FJunior A (Canada)
Wes Harkin34412161751996-19971D Junior A (Canada)
Brent Harrald64311141181993-19952 Junior A (Canada)
Joe Haynes200001993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Ryan Healy441726431051997-19981F1981-03-10Hamilton, ONTSemi-Professional
Gregory Heffernan854455991041993-19952 Minor Pro
Stephen Hoar110101997-19981R1982-05-26Bowmanville, ONTMajor Junior
Dan Holmes27112334781997-19981FWhitby, ONTCollege-University
Josh Hosany541453261993-19973 Junior A (Canada)
Paul Howes15303361995-19961 European Lower Leagues
Yianni Ioannou3411112461992-19931D1976-02-07North York, ONTMajor Junior
Dean Jackson46174461441996-19971W1980-03-20Don Mills, ONTMinor Pro
Brian Jones6156311993-19941R1976-06-28Toronto, ONTMajor Junior
Marcel Kars713543781131994-19962F1977-05-20European Elite
Avi Karunakar33011311993-19941G1973-07-29Scarborough, ONTMinor Pro
Steve Kaye9845791241461996-19982F1978-09-14Scarborough, ONTMinor Pro
Randy Key600001993-19941G1974-12-18Toronto, ONTCollege-University
Rocky Kim48163753261996-19971 College-University
Greg Koehler9655901453051993-19952C1975-02-27Scarborough, ONTMajor League
Steve Lakas1100001995-19961G1977-09-14Junior A (Canada)
Travis Love1303341993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Darryl Lupichuk503301995-19961 Junior A (Canada)
Jeremy Lynch366915631993-19952 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Major24257201993-19972 Junior A (Canada)
David Maloney114286088501993-19963Junior A (Canada)
Scott Manson701101996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Ben Manzo100001993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Niall Maynard47448841994-19951L1978-07-16Ajax, ONTMajor Junior
Kev McClory410101993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Vern McConnell64253055971992-19942 Junior A (Canada)
Scott McDonald106204666911993-19963F1976-12-30Oakville, ONTMinor Pro
John McGowan1700041993-19941G Junior A (Canada)
Mike McLaren21268281995-19961 Junior A (Canada)
Dan McLarty110101996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Sean McNeil100021993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Luke Moran452791941996-19982 Junior A (Canada)
Chris Morgan200041993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Matt Nailer1000001994-19962G Junior A (Canada)
Daniel Nicoletti101121995-19961Junior A (Canada)
Geoff O'Leary911117281901996-19982D1978-07-09Alliston, ONTMinor Pro
Kevin Pal324812301993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Paralovis310141997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Will Pasquill266410991993-19962 Junior A (Canada)
Brian Passmore32182341861996-19971C1980-04-27Mississauga, ONTMinor Pro
Sasha Perisic1931619301995-19961F1977-07-14Junior A (Canada)
Mike Pickard300001995-19972G1980-01-21West Hill, ONTSemi-Professional
Aaron Pitts310101997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Kyle Podonavik15202251997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Jason Putterman201101997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Matt Redmond420261996-19971F1976-11-17Minor Pro
Peter Ricketts200021993-19941 College-University
Paul Riley100001995-19961G Junior A (Canada)
Andrew Robillard52353671291996-19982FJunior A (Canada)
Chris Roy1023581993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Pat Russell5761521341992-19942 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Russo45144963621992-19931 Junior A (Canada)
Peter Sarno52395796271995-19961C1979-07-26Toronto, ONTMajor League
Jason Saunders431315281511996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Shanab1900001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Jason Silverthorn26121426421997-19981F1979-07-01Owen Sound, ONTMinor Pro
Brant Somerville572648742251995-19972D1979-01-27Scarborough, ONTMinor Pro
Darryl Somerville503164951221995-19972C1979-01-27Scarborough, ONTCollege-University
Ryan Spiteri100001995-19961GJunior A (Canada)
Jeff Strang800001996-19971G Junior A (Canada)
Matt Stronach502911251995-19961DCollege-University
Colin Telfer11011311994-19951 Junior A (Canada)
Colin Thacker703341996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Justin Thickins14235161997-19981D Junior A (Canada)
Chris Torkaffi301161993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Chris Tracy100051993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Ryan Treacy302130511471995-19961 College-University
Alex Tzduntzouris1904451996-19971 Junior A (Canada)
Alex Tzountzouris46101525181997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Paul Tzountzouris3272128381993-19941D1974-08-25Toronto, ONTMinor Pro
Brandon Van Asten3201010411995-19961DCollege-University
Paul Vandergroef300091993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Gennady Vaserbahk4641620881994-19951 Junior A (Canada)
Bill Velliaris2121214741995-19961D1977-02-19College-University
Rob Vessio124951601231994-19973D1977-09-12Pickering, ONTMinor Pro
Tony Vidinovski531441993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Joe Wassilyn411028381101993-19941C1974-01-20Toronto, ONTMinor Pro
Tim Watt381323361001997-19981 Junior A (Canada)
Sean Weaver1100001996-19971G1977-03-23Scarborough, ONTMinor Pro
Jason Wolkove000001997-19981C1977-04-18Toronto, ONTCollege-University
Steven Yeo110101993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Zollis100001993-19941 Junior A (Canada)
Pavol Zuk201101996-19971 Junior A (Canada)

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.