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Salem Rebels all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the Salem Rebels. The Salem Rebels were a hockey team playing in the Eastern Hockey League from 1967 to 1970. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 62 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
George Babcock72172441471968-19691FMinor Pro
Claude Boucher21461041968-19691R1940-09-05Trois-Rivieres, PQMinor Pro
Bob Buchanan200001968-19691DMinor Pro
Wayne Caufield59242953171968-19702L1943-04-26Sault Ste. Marie, ONTMinor Pro
Wally Chase57321951141967-19692CMinor Pro
Jack Chipchase4571926951969-19701D1945-04-05Seaforth, ONTMajor League
Bill Christodal000001967-19681WProvidence, RIMinor Pro
??? Cook30358451967-19681 Minor Pro
Bob Dickson63121325271967-19681FGananoque, ONTMinor Pro
Ed Ezako701101969-19701Minor Pro
D. Ferguson000001968-19691Minor Pro
Doug Ferguson811201968-19691C1943-05-09Central Botte, SASKMinor Pro
Jim Ferguson510171968-19691Minor Pro
Murray Finlay200001968-19691G1948-06-29Trail, BCMinor Pro
Gerry Firn72104555911967-19692DMinor Pro
John Fischer300001968-19691GMinor Pro
Bern Fitzpatrick67192443821967-19681 Minor Pro
Jean-Claude Garneau58173249581969-19701R1943-10-10St. Foy, PQMajor League
August George74292857601969-19701F1949-08-16Weyburn, SASKMinor Pro
Larry Gibbons4842327471968-19691D1948-07-27Collingwood, ONTMinor Pro
Ben Greco40161228111968-19702LSault Ste. Marie, ONTMinor Pro
Clifford "Sam" Gregory662042621021967-19681C1936-08-18Charlottetown, PEIMinor Pro
Paul Grills5172330191969-19701Minor Pro
Claude Guenette3779161211967-19681L1945-01-08Montreal, PQMinor Pro
Merv Haney22246661969-19701D1949-08-13St. Lazare, MANMajor League
Bob Howard7972835641967-19692D1944-08-29Stonewall, MANMinor Pro
Bill Ives0212849171968-19691L1941-08-09Chippawa, ONTMinor Pro
Jim Jago2101071372441211967-19703R1944-02-23Weston, ONTMinor Pro
Colin Kilburn201121969-19701L1927-12-26Edmonton, ALTAMinor Pro
Jerry Lacasse723501969-19701Minor Pro
Bob Lacey50152540451969-19701F1948-05-14Peterborough, ONTMinor Pro
Roger Lalancette500001967-19681G1945-09-03Yamaska, PQMinor Pro
Jim Lane049131531968-19691Minor Pro
Ben LeBlanc000001967-19681Minor Pro
Jimmy Letcher5300001969-19701G1942-10-24Hillcrest, ALTAMinor Pro
James Lorette1302058781461968-19702D1943-09-11Fertile, SASKMinor Pro
Dave Lucas63728351121968-19691D1932-03-22Downeyville, ONTMajor League
Lynn Margarit0826342051969-19701D1945-11-05Fort William, ONTMinor Pro
Norm Martel000001969-19701GLaval, PQMinor Pro
Brian "Sandy" McAndrew000001967-19681D1944-04-20Toronto, ONTMinor Pro
Wayne Mosdell2321315201969-19701D1944-12-04Montreal, PQMajor League
Al Osborne48283765381968-19691R1947-03-08Weston, ONTMinor Pro
Eric Pass484610271967-19681Minor Pro
Dan Patrick6163349451968-19702C1938-09-05Aurora, ONTMinor Pro
Claude Piche62343064131968-19702F1947-12-23Montreal, PQMinor Pro
Jan Popiel49112940641968-19691L1947-10-09Virum, DenmarkMajor League
Rick Purdy000001968-19691Minor Pro
Ken Rodgers7443640421969-19701D1947-06-25Cut Knife, SASKMinor Pro
Don Rozich6453511041291968-19702F1945-09-22Kirkland Lake, ONTMinor Pro
Tom Schiller71720271671967-19681DMinor Pro
Dave Schultz673237693561969-19701L1949-10-14Waldheim, SASKMajor League
Bill Scott174610221967-19681F Minor Pro
Mike Self70264268301967-19681D1944-12-29Peterborough, ONTMinor Pro
Pete Shearer54212647521969-19701C1942-07-19Peterborough, ONTMinor Pro
Gord Smith000001969-19701D1949-11-17Perth, ONTMajor League
Wayne Spooner15077121968-19691D1946-09-26New Westminster, BCMinor Pro
Gilles St. Jacques61152843421968-19691LMinor Pro
George Surmay6700001968-19691G1947-08-27Winnipeg, MANMinor Pro
Bob Taylor394812491967-19692D1940-03-05Barrow on Furness, EnglandMinor Pro
R. Taylor65152035101967-19681 Minor Pro
W. Wilson62172946111967-19681 Minor Pro
Bob Zupan6700001967-19681GMinor Pro

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.