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Syracuse Crunch Statistics and History

The Syracuse Crunch are a Minor Professional hockey team based in Syracuse, NY playing in the American Hockey League from 1994 to 2014. The team played in the Onondaga County War Memorial.

Team Information

Syracuse Crunch
American Hockey League
[Minor Professional]

20 Seasons
Franchise History
Expansion franchise for 1992-93.
Hamilton Canucks (1992-1994)
» Syracuse Crunch « (1994-2014)
Parent Teams
Tampa Bay Lightning (2012-2014) [NHL]
Anaheim Ducks (2010-2012) [NHL]
Columbus Blue Jackets (2000-2010) [NHL]
Vancouver Canucks (1994-2000) [NHL]
Pittsburgh Penguins (1997-1999) [NHL]
Minor League Affiliates
Florida Everblades (2012-2013) [ECHL]
Elmira Jackals (2010-2012) [ECHL]
Gwinnett Gladiators (2009-2010) [ECHL]
Johnstown Chiefs (2008-2009) [ECHL]
Dayton Bombers (2000-2008) [ECHL]


Yearly Standings

Season Team League Division GP W L T OTL SOL Pts Pct GF GA PIM Atten. Coach Result
1994-95Syracuse CrunchAHLSouthern802942900670.41928832523205888Jack McIlhargeyOut of Playoffs
1995-96Syracuse CrunchAHLCentral803137570740.46325730721675948Jack McIlhargeyLost in round 3
1996-97Syracuse CrunchAHLEmpire State8032381000740.46324126514055809Jack McIlhargeyLost in round 1
1997-98Syracuse CrunchAHLEmpire8035321120830.51927228521425464Jack McIlhargeyLost in round 1
1998-99Syracuse CrunchAHLEmpire801850930480.30022032720185109Jack McIlhargeyOut of Playoffs
1999-00Syracuse CrunchAHLEmpire803535910800.50029029420425049Stan SmylLost in round 1
2000-01Syracuse CrunchAHLAHLMA8033301250830.51923525419075169Gary AgnewLost in round 1
2001-02Syracuse CrunchAHLAHLCe8039231350960.60022819320585305Gary AgnewLost in round 2
2002-03Syracuse CrunchAHLCentral802741840660.41320125616775113Gary AgnewOut of Playoffs
2003-04Syracuse CrunchAHLNorth8038251070930.58123923518695286Gary AgnewLost in round 1
2004-05Syracuse CrunchAHLNorth803633074830.51921523022385504Gary AgnewOut of Playoffs
2005-06Syracuse CrunchAHLNorth8047250531020.63827225120085420Gary AgnewLost in round 1
2006-07Syracuse CrunchAHLNorth803434048800.50025024819615249Ross YatesOut of Playoffs
2007-08Syracuse CrunchAHLNorth8046260261000.62524720121745442Ross YatesLost in round 2
2008-09Syracuse CrunchAHLNorth804032053880.55021422618305211Ross YatesOut of Playoffs
2009-10Syracuse CrunchAHLEast803439043750.46922727217715294Ross YatesOut of Playoffs
2010-11Syracuse CrunchAHLEast803538034770.48121724914825154Mark HolickOut of Playoffs
2011-12Syracuse CrunchAHLEast763729055840.55323823412385246Holick, Yawney {+}Lost in round 1
2012-13Syracuse CrunchAHLEast764322065970.63824720116125399Cooper, Zettler {+}Lost in Finals
2013-14Syracuse CrunchAHLEast763132049750.49319823217515574Rob ZettlerOut of Playoffs
Game Programs
Syracuse Crunch 1994-95 program cover
Syracuse Crunch 1995-96 program cover
Syracuse Crunch 1996-97 program cover
Syracuse Crunch 1999-00 program cover
Syracuse Crunch 2002-03 program cover
Syracuse Crunch 2003-04 program cover
Syracuse Crunch 2004-05 program cover