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U. of Ottawa Statistics and History

The U. of Ottawa are a College/University hockey team based in Ottawa, ONT playing in the CIS - Ontario University Athletic Association from 1970 to 2014.

Team Information

U. of Ottawa
Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union

U. of Ottawa
Quebec Universities Athletic Association

U. of Ottawa
CIS - Ontario University Athletic Association

27 Seasons
Yearly Standings

Season Team League Division GP W L T OTL SOL Pts Pct GF GA PIM Atten. Coach Result
1970-71U. of OttawaCIAUOQAAE1521300040.13342800
1971-72U. of OttawaCIAUOUAAE18117000220.611108780
1972-73U. of OttawaCIAUOUAAE1777300170.50094850
1975-76U. of OttawaCIAU00000000.000000Terry Peterman
1979-80U. of OttawaQUAA24147300310.6461181000
1986-87U. of OttawaQUAA18133200280.778107770
1989-90U. of OttawaOUAAEast22138100270.614108910Mickey Goulet
1992-93U. of OttawaOUAAEast22175000340.773108600
1994-95U. of OttawaOUAAFar East241210200260.54286710
1996-97U. of OttawaOUAAFar East261312100270.519911000
1997-98U. of OttawaOUAAFar East261312100270.519106930
1998-99U. of OttawaOUAAFar East26179000340.65497720
1999-00U. of OttawaOUAAFar East26814400200.385771020
2000-01U. of OttawaOUAAFar East24616200140.29275890
2001-02U. of OttawaOUAAFar East24158100310.64681560
2002-03U. of OttawaOUAAFar East24139200280.583105770
2003-04U. of OttawaOUAAFar East24173310380.792111760
2004-05U. of OttawaOUAAFar East24138210290.604101820
2005-06U. of OttawaOUAAFar East24138210290.60495680
2006-07U. of OttawaOUAAFar East281112320270.482104910
2007-08U. of OttawaOUAAFar East281412020300.53683800
2008-09U. of OttawaOUAAFar East281211032290.51886103620
2009-10U. of OttawaOUAAEast28620020140.25068126651
2010-11U. of OttawaOUAAEast281114012250.44694124498
2011-12U. of OttawaOUAAEast281413001290.5187984592149
2012-13U. of OttawaOUAAEast28168022360.64310594491
2013-14U. of OttawaOUAAEast27179001350.6489783486