View Full Version : wantlist and my tradelist

October 26th, 2006, 06:51 PM
hi i thought i would put out a wantlist maybe i can get lucky and someone will have one of these sets. i will pay or i can trade i have a list of sets i can trade its not a big list but hopefully someone will like.

2003-2004 mens
minnesota state mavericks

north dakota fighting soiux

boston university terriers

2004-2005 mens
northern michigan wildcats

north dakota fighting souix

notre dame irish

minnesota-duluth bulldogs

st. francis xavier-x-men

2005-2006 mens

ohio state buckeyes

wisconsin badgers

2002-2003 augusta lynx

2002-2003 arkansas river blades

1995-1996 toledo storm

2002-2003 chicago wolves

2003-2004 chicago wolves

2002-2003 indianaopolis ice w/jersey card

2003-2004 alaska aces

2004-2005 peoria rivermen

2002-2003 atlantic city boardwalk bullies

just reply or email me at cchafan2005@yahoo.com

thank you