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April 16th, 2009, 09:04 AM
I was very saddened on learning of the recent passing of Mr. Douglas. I had a few autographed requests out to him but to the wrong address (North Bay).
He was the only player left from that 1967 Leafs "40th Anniversary Box Set" that I needed signed to complete my autograph project. I was putting this together for a retirement gift for my daughter's grade school teacher.

I am looking for one of his regular cards from this 30 card set, that someone may have got signed ttm or in person from Kent. I am willing to trade another signed card from my project or even a jersey card that were randomly inserted into these sets...... or purchase from you. This is very important to me as I was planning on having this completed for the end of the school year. Before learning of Kent's death, I had seen another address for him on this site and had the envelope addressed and stamped and ready for mailout last week.

Please help me if you have one or know of anyone that has one.

Thanks, Mark