View Full Version : 04-05 Lincoln Stars (USHL) Sets are out

jason zugmier
October 30th, 2004, 02:31 PM
Anybody interested in picking up a set or two of the all new 04-05 Lincoln Stars hockey cards? I can pick them up for you for $5.00 a set and $1.00 for shipping add $.50 if you want to use Paypal to cover my cost. Send me an email or leave a message here.

Yooper Hockey
October 31st, 2004, 07:20 AM
Who is in the set????

jason zugmier
October 31st, 2004, 10:57 AM
Here is a checklist. If you want a better look, there is a set on Ebay under hockey minor cards or type in Lincoln Stars.

1. Jordan Pearce (Notre Dame recruit)
2. Brian Bina
3. John Vadnais
4. Jared Boll
5. Dillon Duncan
6. Dan Riedel
7. Garrett Raboin
8. Erik Condra (Notre Dame recruit)
9. Eli Vlaisavljevich(Michigan Tech recruit)
10. J.J. Koehler
11. Ryan Hohl
12. Shawn Gawrys
13. Chris Nugent
14. Davis Carlisle
15. Mike Kramer
16. Mick Berge
17. Tom Sawatske
18. Brock trotter
19. Chris Robinson
20. Johm Swanson (St. Cloud State recruit)
21. Steve Jakiel
22. Patrik Valcak
23. Linus Klasen
24. Steve Johnson (Head Coach)
25. Ryan Bencurik (Asst.)
26. Derek Reynolds (Asst.)
27. Corey Courtney (Trainer)
28. Starzan
29. Checklist
Un-numbered card to send in for a chance to win a embossed autographed set of 04-05 cards

October 31st, 2004, 06:28 PM
you get my payment last nite