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Thread: Lionmaniac's Tradelist Part 3

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    Lionmaniac's Tradelist Part 3

    Hello to all hockey playercard traders and collectors all over the world, my name is Marcus and I´m from Germany. I´m collecting playercards, stickers, team postcards, pogs, team issue cards and other items of former and actual players and coaches of my favourite german hockey team - the FRANKFURT LIONS [DEL Champions 2003/2004 :-))))] for a few years. Momentally my collection for these cards consists of nearly 6.000 cards and other items !
    I´m always looking for cards from my wantlist to complete my collection. So, please let me know if you could offer any of the cards from my wantlist. Please use this link to check to my Minor League and European cards wantlist. For my complete wantlist with NHL cards, please send an e-mail. Thanks for your help.
    You can offer any cards of the players who are listed below because I know that there are more cards of these players and coaches existing which I didn´t know yet. I will let you know if I can use these cards for my collection. Thanks for your help again.
    If you prefer to trade cards I could offer over 10.000 different Minor League and NHL playercards, stickers, pogs, stamps, key tags, food issues and team issues. For my complete tradelist with NHL cards, please send an e-mail.
    So, please let me know if you could need anything from my tradelist. The following tradelist is only an uncomplete list without NHL cards. So, if you want to get my actual and complete want- and tradelists, please send an e-mail to : Thanks for your help. Marcus

    ((( ))) = Pending

    You can use the following links for part 1 and 2 of my tradelist : Part 1 and Part 2


    19??-?? Kölner Haie Postcards
    Udo Kiessling

    1986-87 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Andreas Pokorny,Hardy Nilsson (signed)

    1987-88 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Doug Berry (signed),Miro Sikora (signed),Helmut Steiger (signed),Werner Kühn (signed),Gerd Truntschka (signed),Holger Meitinger (signed),Udo Kiessling (signed),Robert Sterflinger (signed),Andreas Pokorny (signed),Ernst Köpf (signed),Marcus Beeck (signed),Dieter Hegen (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed)

    1988-89 ? Kölner Haie Postcards
    Doug Berry,Miro Sikora,Helmut Steiger,Werner Kühn,Gerd Truntschka,Holger MeitingerUdo Kiessling,Robert Sterflinger,Andreas Pokorny,Marcus Beeck,Dieter Hegen,Thomas Brandl,Rene Ledock,Peter Romberg,Thomas Gröger,Helmut de Raaf, Udo Schmid

    1989-90 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Andreas Pokorny (signed),Robert Sterflinger (signed),Miro Sikora (signed),Holger Meitinger (signed),Josef Heiß (signed),Marcus Beeck (signed),Helmut Steiger (signed),Andreas Keiler (signed),Udo Schmid (signed)

    1990-91 ? Kölner Haie Postcards (Maredo)
    Thomas Brandl (signed),Ernst Köpf (signed)

    1990-91 Kölner Haie Postcards (Straßenkleidung)
    Helmut Steiger (signed),Udo Kiessling (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed),Christian Helber,Jörg Mayr (signed),Doug Berry,Jiri Poner (signed),Peter Draisaitl (signed),Miro Sikora (signed),Ulrich Liebsch (signed),Michael Tack,Ernst Köpf (signed),Peter Kwasigoch (signed),Hardy Nilsson (signed),Andreas Pokorny (signed),Holger Glomb (signed),Marius Cissewski (signed),Leo Stefan (signed),Joseph Heiß (signed),Manfred Schuster (signed),Thomas Gröger (signed)

    1991-92 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Joseph Heiss (signed),Udo Kiessling (signed),Michael Tack (signed),Andreas Pokorny (signed),Jörg May (signed),Teja Dambon (signed),Karsten Mende (signed),Peter Draisaitl (signed),Andy Lupzig (signed),Miro Sikora (signed),Ernst Köpf (signed),Josef Stümpel (signed),Peter Kwasigroch (signed),Uli Liebsch (signed),Helmut Steiger (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed),Leo Stefan (signed),Doug Berry (signed),Hardy Nilsson (signed)

    1992-93 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Jörg May (signed),Karsten Mende (signed),Andy Lupzig (signed),Miro Sikora (signed),Peter Kwasigroch (signed),Uli Liebsch (signed),Helmut Steiger (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed),Leo Stefan (signed),Andreas Pokorny (signed),Ralf Dobrzynski (signed),Marius Cissewski (signed),Frank Hohenadl (signed),Robert Hock (signed),Jürgen Schulz (signed), Ravil Khaidarov (signed),Igor Dorochin (signed),Roland Hanemann (signed),Martin Ondrejka (signed)

    1993-94 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Marius Cissewski,Thomas Imdahl,Karsten Mende,Leo Stefan,Ralf Dobrzynski,Thomas Brandl,Thomas Sterflinger

    1994-95 Kölner Haie Minicard
    Herbert Hohenberger (signed)

    1994-95 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Joseph Heiß (signed),Andreas Lupzig (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed),Peter Draisaitl (signed)

    1996-97 Kölner Haie Postcards (Spielplan 96/97 auf der Rückseite)
    Bob Murdoch [Coach] (signed)

    1996-97 Kölner Haie Postcards (Action Foto auf der Rückseite)
    Peter Draisaitl (signed),Bruno Zarillo (signed),Luciano Borsato (signed),Jim Montgomery (signed),Rainer Zerwesz (signed), Andreas Lupzig (signed),Tobias Abstreiter (signed),Herbert Hohenberger (signed),Joseph Heiss (signed),Thomas Forslund (signed),Petter Nilsson (signed),Joe Cirella (signed),Karsten Mende (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed), Jason Meyer (signed), Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Alexander Genze (signed),Jim Hrivnak (signed),Olaf Grundmann (signed),Franz Demmel (signed),Patrick Carnbäck (signed),Bernd Haake (signed),Bob Murdoch (signed)

    1996-97 Kölner Haie Fotos
    Peter Draisaitl (signed),Bruno Zarillo (signed),Luciano Borsato (signed),Jim Montgomery (signed),Rainer Zerwesz (signed),Andreas Lupzig (signed),Tobias Abstreiter (signed),Herbert Hohenberger (signed),Joseph Heiss (signed),Thomas Forslund (signed),Petter Nilsson (signed),Joe Cirella (signed),Karsten Mende (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed),Jason Meyer (signed), Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Alexander Genze (signed),Jim Hrivnak (signed),Franz Demmel (signed),PatrickCarnbäck (signed) (2 different),Morgan Samuelsson (signed)

    1997-98 Kölner Haie Postcards (Kaufhof)
    Petter Nilsson (signed),Anthony Iob (signed),George Zajankala (signed),Craig Fisher (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Steve Wilson (signed),Bruno Zarrillo (signed),Rainer Zerwesz (signed),Luciano Borsato (signed),David Delfino (signed),Peter Draisaitl (signed),Tomas Forslund (signed),Rikard Franzen (signed),Brian Glynn (signed),Jeff Hellend (signed), Andreas Lupzig (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed),Corey Millen (signed),Sergio Momesso (signed),Kevin Primeau (signed)

    1997-98 Kölner Haie Postcards (Spielplan 97/98)
    George Zajankala (signed)

    1997-98 Kölner Haie Fotos
    George Zajankala (signed),Craig Fisher (signed),Steve Wilson (signed),David Delfino (signed),Rikard Franzen (signed),Brian Glynn (signed),Corey Millen (signed),Sergio Momesso (signed)

    1998-99 Kölner Haie Postcards (Bluhmod)
    Bob Leslie (signed)

    1998-99 Kölner Haie Postcards (Spielplan 98/99)
    Boris Rousson (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed),Christoph Jahns (signed),Rainer Zerwesz (signed),Steve Wilson (signed)

    1999-00 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Stefan Kornewald (signed),Tomas Forslund (signed),George Zajankala (signed),Joseph Heiß (signed),Andreas Lupzig (signed),Sergio Momesso (signed),Greg Brown (signed),Andrew Verner (signed),Todd Hlushko (signed),Steve Wilson (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed),Dan Lambert (signed),Mario Doyon (signed),Bruno Zarillo (signed),Jean Yves Roy (signed),Christoph Jahns (signed),Anders Huusko (signed),John Miner (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Marty Murray (signed),Roman Weilert (signed),Bob Leslie (signed)

    1999-00 Kölner Haie Fotos
    Jörg Mayr (signed),Dan Lambert (signed),John Miner (signed),Greg Brown (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Andreas Lupzig (signed),Doug MacDonald (signed),Bruno Zarrillo (signed),Tomas Forslund (signed),Todd Hlushko (signed),Jean-Yves Roy (signed),George Zajankala (signed),Mario Doyon (signed),Bob Leslie (signed)

    2000-01 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Dave McLlwain (signed),George Zajankala (signed),Steve Wilson (signed),Mario Doyon (signed),André Faust (signed),Greg Brown (signed),Liam Garvey (signed),Sergio Momesso (signed),Dieter Kalt (signed),John Miner (signed),Tino Boos (signed),Doug MacDonald (signed),Corey Millen (signed),Andrew Verner (signed),Dimitri Pätzold (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed),Tomas Forslund (signed),Roman Weilert (signed),Andreas Lupzig (signed),Bruno Zarillo (signed),Joseph Heiß (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Bob Leslie (signed),Harold Kreis (signed)

    2000-01 Kölner Haie Fotos
    Dave McLlwain (signed),George Zajankala (signed),Steve Wilson (signed),Mario Doyon (signed),André Faust (signed),Greg Brown (signed),Liam Garvey (signed),Dieter Kalt (signed),Tino Boos (signed),Doug MacDonald (signed),Corey Millen (signed),Andrew Verner (signed),Dimitri Pätzold (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed),Tomas Forslund (signed) (2 different),Roman Weilert (signed),Andreas Lupzig (signed),Bruno Zarillo (signed),Joseph Heiß (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed)

    2001-02 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Petri Liimatainen (signed),Alex Hicks (signed),Niklas Sundblad (signed),Thomas Schinko (signed),Brad Schlegel (signed),Christoph Ullmann (signed),Benjamin Hinterstocker (signed),Tino Boos (signed),Andreas Renz (signed),Vitali Stähle (signed),Chris Rogles (signed),Björn Barta (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed),André Faust (signed),John Miner (signed),Dave McLlwain (signed),Corey Millen (signed),Dimitri Pätzold (signed),Alex Kuzminski (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed)

    2001-02 Kölner Haie Sinn Leffers Postcards
    Brad Schlegel (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed)

    2002-03 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Dave McLlwain (signed),Fredrik Nilsson (signed),Markus Schmidt (signed),Robert Hock (signed),Shane Peacock (signed),Markus Kink (signed),Darcy Werenka (signed),Andreas Morczinietz (signed),Leonhard Wild (signed),Tino Boos (signed),Andreas Renz (signed),Eduard Lewandowski (signed),Chris Rogles (signed),Brad Schlegel (signed),Niklas Sundblad (signed),Alex Hicks (signed),Ron Pasco (signed),Kai Hospelt (signed),Mickey Elick (signed),Sebastian Furchner (signed),Stefan Schauer (signed),Christoph Ullmann (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Axel Kammerer (signed),Hans Zach (signed)

    2002-03 Kölner Haie Sinn Leffers Postcards
    Fredrik Nilsson (signed),Markus Schmidt (signed),Robert Hock (signed),Shane Peacock (signed),Markus Kink (signed),Darcy Werenka (signed),Andreas Morczinietz (signed),Leonhard Wild (signed),Tino Boos (signed),Andreas Renz (signed), Chris Rogles (signed),Brad Schlegel (signed),Kai Hospelt (signed),Mickey Elick (signed),Sebastian Furchner (signed),Stefan Schauer (signed),Christoph Ullmann (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed)

    2003-04 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Jean-Yves Roy (signed),Tino Boos (signed),Boris Blank (signed),Dave McLlwain (signed),Kai Hospelt (signed),Marc Savard (signed),Andreas Morczinietz (signed),Marcus Kink (signed),Eduard Lewandowski (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Hans Zach (signed)

    2004-05 Kölner Haie Postcards
    Dan Bjornlie (signed),Mirko Lüdemann (signed),Michael Hrstka (signed),Thomas Greiss (signed),Dave McLlwain (signed),Jean-Yves Roy (signed),Kai Hospelt (signed),Moritz Müller (signed),Tino Boos (signed),Philip Gogulla (signed),Leo Stefan (signed),Boris Blank (signed),Matthias hart (signed),Alex Hicks (signed),Chris Rogles (signed),Eduard Lewandowski (signed),Yannic Seidenberg (signed),Sebastian Furchner (signed),Colin Beardsmore (signed),Brad Schlegel (signed),Andreas Renz (signed),Thomas Fischer (signed),Markus Berwanger [Co-Trainer] (signed),Hans Zach [Trainer] (signed)

    19??-?? Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Steve McNeil (signed),Sven Rampf (signed),Martin Gebel (signed),Dirk Kuhnekath (signed),René Reuter (signed)

    19??-?? Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Michael Tack (signed),Jim Hoffmann,Ken Karpuk,Ian Wood,Bob Crawford,Thomas Mirwa,Martin Gebel,Peter Jedrus,Hans-Willi Mühlenhaus,Wolfgang Hellwig,Dirk Kuhnekath,Holger Ustorf,Hannu Koivunen

    1993-94 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Steve McNeil (signed),Earl Spry (signed),Günther Oswald (signed),Klaus Micheller (signed),Martin Gebel (signed),Jayson Meyer (signed),Christian Spaan (signed),Marek Stebnicki (signed)

    1994-95 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Markus Krawinkel (signed),Ken Petrash (signed),Herbert Vsiljevs (signed),Karel Lang (signed),Günter Oswald (signed),Peter Ihnacak (signed),Reemt Pyka (signed),Earl Spry (signed),Klaus Micheller (signed),André Grein (signed),James Hanlon (signed),Chris Lindberg (signed),Mike Zettel (signed)

    1996-97 ? Krefeld Pinguine Photo
    Miroslav Berek (signed)

    1997-98 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Chris Bartolone (signed),Reemt Pyka (signed),Jayson Meyer (signed),Klaus Micheller (signed),Marek Stebnicki (signed),Petri Liimatainen (signed),Martin Gebel (signed),Karel Lang (signed),André Grein (signed),Markus Krawinkel (signed),Vitalij Karamnov,Michael Hreus (signed),Zdenek Travnicek (signed),Miro Berek (signed),Andrej Kovalev (signed),Petr Klima (signed)

    1998-99 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Stephane Barin (signed),Tommie Hartogs (signed),Stephane Dugal (signed),Leo van den Thillart (signed),Lars Brüggemann (signed),John van Kessel (signed),Robert Ouellet (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed),Reemt Pyka (signed),Veli-Pekka Kautonen (signed),Neil Eisenhut (signed),Karel Lang (signed),Roger Nordström (signed),Chris Bartolone (signed),Jayson Meyer (signed),Marek Stebnicki (signed),Vitalij Karamnov (signed),Petri Liimatainen (signed),Andrej Kovalev (signed),Mark Pederson (signed),Doug Mason (signed)

    2000-01 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Christoph Brandner (signed),Adrian Grygiel (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed),Lars Brüggemann (signed),Shayne Wright (signed),Brad Purdie (signed),Dan Lambert (signed),Per Eklund (signed),Roger Nordström (signed),Robert Ouellet (signed), Neil Eisenhut (signed),Stephane Barin (signed)

    2001-02 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Christian Ehrhoff (signed),Brad Purdie (signed),Robert Brezina (signed),Dan Lambert (signed),Gilbert Dionne (signed),Mario Doyon (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed),Daniel Kunce (signed),Andreas Raubal (signed),Gary Shuchuk (signed),Christoph Brandner (signed),Benjamin Voigt (signed),Adrian Gygiel (signed),Sergej Stas (signed),Phil Huber (signed),Patrik Augusta (signed),Stephane Barin (signed),Roger Nordström (signed),Chris Valentine (signed)

    2002-03 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Sandy Moger (signed),Darryl Shannon (signed),Sergej Stas (signed),Jonas Lanier (signed),Robert Müller (signed),Dan Lambert (signed),Mario Doyon (signed),David Musial (signed),Andreas Raubal (signed),Patrik Augusta (signed),Paul Dyck (signed),Günther Oswald (signed),Roger Nordström (signed),Thomas Brandl (signed),Brad Purdie (signed),Stephane Barin (signed),Christoph Brandner (signed),Gary Shuchuk (signed),Daniel Kunce (signed),Adrian Grygiel (signed),Christian Ehrhoff (signed),Chris Valentine [Coach] (signed),Kevin [Mascot]

    2003-04 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Marcel Rodman (signed),Adrian Grygiel (signed),Daniel Kunce (signed)

    2004-05 Krefeld Pinguine Postcards
    Paul Dyck (signed),Justin Kurtz (signed),Scott King (signed),Chris Herperger (signed),Daniel Kunce (signed),Steve Brulé (signed),Robert Guillet (signed),Ivo Jan (signed),Markus Janka (signed),Guy Lehoux (signed),Rainer Köttstorfer (signed),Florian Schnitzer (signed),Shayne Wright (signed),Martin Hyun (signed),Alexander Dück (signed),Robert Müller (signed),Christian Rhode (signed),Adrian Grygiel (signed),Carsten Gosdeck (signed),Ferdinand Stradter (signed) [Physiotherapeut],Franz Fritzmeier (signed) [Sportlicher Leiter],Mario Simioni (signed) [Trainer]

    19??-?? EV Landsberg Postcards
    Paul Häringer,Christian Reuter (signed),Thomas Dropmann (signed),Martin Hamann (signed),Joachim Ried (signed),Jörg Dittrich (signed),T. Treichl (signed),Alexander Guddat (signed),Dieter Koldas (signed)

    19??-?? EV Landshut Postcards
    Erich Kühnhackl

    198?-8? EV Landshut Postcards
    Bernd Wagner (signed),Jochen Schneidermeier (signed)

    198?-8? EV Landshut Postcards
    Christian Brittig (signed)

    1986-87 ? EV Landshut Postcards
    Jiri Poner (signed),Frank Hirtreiter (signed),Daniel Naud,Andreas Lupzig (signed),Josef Kontny (signed)

    1987-88 ? EV Landshut Postcards
    Bernd Truntschka (signed),Bernhard Seyller (signed),Thomas Gangdorfer,Fritz Brunner

    1988-89 EV Landshut Foto
    Pavel Volek (signed)

    1988-89 ? EV Landshut Postcards
    Teamfoto,Miroslav Maly (signed),Bernhard Engelbrecht (signed),Pavel Prokes (signed),Vitezlav Duris (signed),Tom O’Regan (signed),Tobias Abstreiter,Bernd Truntschka (signed),Erich Kühnhackl (signed)

    1990-91 EV Landshut Postcards

    1992-93 EV Landshut Postcards
    Bernhard Englbrecht (signed),Christian Künast (signed),Udo Kießling (signed),Bernd Wagner (signed),Elmar Boiger (signed),Nikolai Maslow (signed),Günter Oswald (signed),Josef Preuß (signed),Mike Smazal (signed),Ilja Byakin (signed),Sascha Kleindienst (signed),Mike Bukowski (signed),Mike Bader (signed),Stefan Steinbock (signed), Jörg Handrick (signed),Thomas Daffner (signed),Tobias Abstreiter (signed),Ronny Martin,Georg Dübell

    1993-94 EV Landshut Postcards
    Petr Briza (signed),Mike Bullard (signed),Jacek Plachta (signed),Udo Kießling (signed),Robert Steinmann (signed),Peter Gulda (signed),Markus Berwanger (signed),Jörg Handrick (signed),Christian Künast (signed),Bernd Wagner (signed),Thomas Daffner (signed),Andreas Loth (signed),David Musial (signed),Mike Smazal (signed),Mike Lay (signed),Eduard Uvira (signed),Teamfoto

    1994-95 EV Landshut Postcards
    Bernd Wagner (signed),Stephan Retzer (signed),Andreas Loth (signed),Udo Kießling (signed),Jacek Plachta (signed),Peter Gulda (signed),Jörg Handrick (signed),Mike Bullard,Georg Franz (signed),Markus Berwanger (signed),Wally Schreiber,Eduard Uvira,Christian Künast,Mike Smazal,Mike Lay,Steve McNeil,Helmut Steiger,Mark Stuckey

    1995-96 EV Landshut Postcards
    Helmut Steiger (signed),Udo Kießling (signed),Wally Schreiber (signed),Stephan Retzer (signed),Thomas Vogl (signed),Jörg Handrick (signed),Jacek Plachta (signed),Peter Gulda (signed),Eduard Uvira (signed),Mike Heidt (signed),Andreas Loth (signed),Christian Künast (signed),Georg Franz (signed)

    1996-97 EV Landshut Postcards
    Marco Sturm (signed),Gino Cavallini (signed),Markus Wieland (signed),Peter Gulda (signed),Wally Schreiber (signed),Vesa Salo (signed),Petr Briza (signed),Markus Nachtmann (signed),Georg Franz (signed),Jörg Handrick (signed),Mike Heidt (signed),Stephan Retzer (signed),Jacek Plachta (signed),Helmut Steiger (signed),Olli Kaski (signed),Eduard Uvira (signed), Alexandr Perebeinos (signed),Timo Sutinen (signed)

    1983-84 Mannheimer ERC Postcards (B/W)
    Beppo Schlickenrieder (signed),Franz Jüttner (signed),Roy Roedger (signed)

    19??-?? Mannheimer ERC Postcards (B/W)
    Michael Flemming

    1986-87 Mannheimer ERC Postcards (B/W)
    Claes-Göran Wallin (signed),Jörg Hanft (signed),Peter Draisaitl,Markus Kuhl,Ron Jonkhans(signed),David Silk (signed)

    1987-88 Mannheimer ERC Postcards (B/W)
    Georg Holzmann,Harold Kreis,Jörg Hanft (signed),Peter Schiller,Andreas Volland,Michael Flemming

    1988-89 Mannheimer ERC Postcards (B/W)
    Harold Kreis (signed),Sepp Wassermann (signed),Peter Schiller (signed),Wolfgang Oswald (signed),Peter Franke (signed), Beppo Schlickenrieder,Paul Messier

    1989-90 Mannheimer ERC Postcards (B/W)
    Marc Wittbrock,Harold Kreis,Jörg Hanft (signed),Wolfgang Oswald (signed),Miro Maly,Andreas Volland (signed), Christian Gerum (signed),Antonio Fonso (signed)

    1990-91 Mannheimer ERC Postcards
    Harold Kreis (signed),Miroslav Maly (signed),Marcus Kuhl (signed),Christian Curth (signed),Toni Plattner (signed),George Fritz (signed),Christian Gerum (signed),Dale Krentz (signed)

    19??-?? Mannheimer ERC Postcards (Fruit Of The Loom)
    Marcus Kuhl (signed)

    1991-92 Mannheimer ERC Postcards
    Harold Kreis (signed),Jörg Hanft (signed),Dieter Willmann (signed),Marcus Kuhl (signed),Jiri Poner (signed),Josef Schlickenrieder (signed),George Fritz (signed),Peter Franke (signed),Toni Plattner (signed),Sascha Trivunov,Christian Curth (signed)

    1992-93 Mannheimer ERC Postcards
    Harold Kreis (signed),George Fritz (signed),Michael Heidt (signed),Jörg Hanft (signed),Toni Plattner,Jiri Poner,Ireneusz Pacula (signed),Peter Draisaitl (signed),Dieter Willmann,Jiri Kochta,Peter Franke (signed),Christan Curth (signed),Venci Sebek (signed)

    1993-94 Mannheimer ERC Postcards
    Alexander Serikow (signed),Craig sarner (signed)

    1994-95 Adler Mannheim Postcards (gelbes Trikot)
    Christopher Straube (signed),Christian Lukes (signed),Michael Hreus (signed)

    1994-95 Adler Mannheim Postcards (schwarzes Trikot)
    Michael Gabler (signed),Rob Cimetta (signed),Dieter Willmann (signed),Alexander Serikow (signed),David Musial (signed),Toni Plattner (signed),Steffen Michel (signed),Mike Heidt (signed),Daniel Körber (signed),Harold Kreis (signed),Dale Krentz (signed),Jörg Hanft (signed),Ricky Goldmann (signed),Pavel Gross (signed),Damian Adamus (signed), Till Feser (signed),Sven Valenti (signed),Lars Brüggemann (signed)

    1995-96 Adler Mannheim Postcards
    Steffen Michel (signed),Harold Kreis (signed),Damian Adamus (signed),Patrick Pysz (signed),Michael Hreus (signed),Christian Lukes (signed),Stephane Thivierge (signed)

    1996-97 Adler Mannheim Postcards
    Alexander Serikow (signed)

    1997-98 Adler Mannheim Postcards
    Mike Pellegrims,Robert Cimetta,Dave Tomlinson,Alexander Erdmann,Ole Dahlstroem,Christian Lukes,Daniel Marois,Christian Pouget,Alexander Serikow,Dennis Chasse,Martin Ulrich,Christian Künast,Mike Rosati,Pavel Gross,Dieter Kalt,Gordon Hynes,Francois Guay,Harold Kreis

    2000-01 Adler Mannheim Postcards
    Dennis Seidenberg,Ron Pasco,Francois Groleau,Mike Rosati,Robert Müller,Gordon Hynes,Andy Roach,Christian Lukes,Yves Racine,Michael Bakos,Dave Tomlinson,Steve Junker,Wayne Hynes,Mark Pederson,Todd Hlusko,Mike Stevens,Jan Alston,Jean-Francois Jomphe,Chris Straube,Helmut de Raaf,Ron Ivany,Bill Stewart

    2001-02 Adler Mannheim Promo Postcards (Aktion 6+1)
    Dennis Seidenberg,Robert Müller,Mike Rosati,Todd Hlushko,Francois Groleau,Wayne Hynes,Michel Picard,Dave Tomlinson

    2002-03 Adler Mannheim Postcards
    Nick Naumenko (signed),Michael Bakos (signed),Klaus Kathan (signed),Tomas Martinec (signed),Wayne Hynes (signed),Steve Junker (signed),Jason Podollan (signed),Yves Racine (signed),Andy Roach (signed),Dimitri Pätzold (signed),Rico Rossi (signed)

    2003-04 Adler Mannheim Postcards
    Rene Corbet (signed),Chris Joseph (signed),Francois Groleau (signed),Yves Racine (signed),Steve Junker (signed),Tomas Martinec (signed),Andy Roach (signed),Christoph Ullmann (signed)

    2004-05 Adler Mannheim Postcards
    Thomas Greilinger,Vitalij Aab,Marcus Kink,Marco Schütz,René Corbet,Derek Plante,Jochen Hecht,Michael Bakos,Sascha Goc,Jason Podollan,Steve Passmore,Eric Healey,Francois Groleau,Danny aus den Birken,Fabio Carciola,Steve Kelly,Christoph Ullmann,Marc Bruns,Nico Pyka,Andy Delmore,Christobal Huet,Chris Joseph,Sachar Blank,David Cespiva,Mike Rosati,Helmut der Raaf

    1992-93 SC Memmingen Postcards (2nd League)
    Ralf Weinl (signed),Darius Wieczorek (signed),Othmar Schluttenhofer (signed),Norbert Haslach (signed),Daniel Trunzer (signed),Sven Barnet (signed),Andreas Keiler (signed),Helge Pyka (signed),Matthias Brod (signed),Hermann Retzer (signed),Markus Martin (signed),Miroslav Nentvich (signed),Roman Zaborowski (signed),Sven-Oliver Vieten (signed),Ilmar Toman (signed),Branjo Heisig (signed)

    1989-90 EC Hedos München Postcards
    Ken Berry (signed),Ignaz Berndaner (signed),Robert Heidt (signed),Thomas Sterflinger (signed),Franz Jüttner (signed),Alfred Weiß (signed),Georg Kiesinger (signed),Peter Heinold (signed)Leo Andrysek (signed),Vitus Mitterfellner (signed)

    1990-91 EC Hedos München Postcards
    Ewald Steiger (signed),Florian Funk (signed),Bernd Kaminski (signed),Peter Gailer (signed),Milos Vanik (signed),Peter Heinold (signed),Thomas Sterflinger (signed),Ignaz Berndaner (signed)

    1992-93 EC Hedos München Postcards
    Ken Berry (signed),Andreas Volland (signed),Dieter Hegen (signed),Manfred Schuster (signed),Florian Funk (signed),Josef Wassermann (signed),Rainer Lutz (signed),Thomas Sterflinger (signed),Hardy Nilsson (signed),Leo Gudas (signed),Raimond Hilger (signed),Andreas Schubert (signed),Greg Miller (signed),Peter Fabian (signed),Georg Franz (signed),Karl Friesen (signed),Gerd Truntschka (signed),Ewald Steiger (signed),Bernhard Seyller (signed)

    1993-94 EC Hedos München Photos (DIN A5)
    Hardy Nilsson,Pavel Volek,Karl Friesen,Greg Müller (signed),Mike Schmidt (signed),Zdenek Travnicek (signed),Christian Lukes,Daniel Kunce,Rainer Lutz (signed),Gordon Sherven (signed),Dale Derkatch (signed),Gerd Truntschka (signed),Ewald Steiger,Dieter Hegen,Andreas Volland,Raimond Hilger,Georg Franz,Jan Benda,Wally Schreiber,Tobias Abstreiter

    1994-95 Mad Dogs München Postcards (Aktiv Assekuranz)
    Ewald Steiger (signed),Harald Waibel (signed),Michael Hreus (signed)

    1994-95 Mad Dogs München Postcards (MCM)
    Karl Friesen (signed),Christian Brittig,Didi Hegen,Zdenek Travnicek,Christian Frütel,Dale Derkatch,Christian Lukes

    1994-95 Mad Dogs München Postcards (Peugeot)
    Mike Schmidt (signed),Ralf Reisinger (signed),Chris Straube (signed),Chrstian Brittig (signed),Robert Murdoch (signed)

    1994-95 Mad Dogs München Postcards (Kurz’nhof)
    Alexander Genze (signed),Zdenek Travnicek (signed),Greg Müller (signed)

    1999-00 München Barons Postcards
    Peter Abstreiter (signed),Mike Casselmann (signed),Peter Douris (signed),Kent Fearns (signed),Jörg Handrick (signed),Jason Herter (signed),Phil Huber (signed),Wayne Hynes (signed),Robert Joyce (signed),Mike Kennedy (signed),Jari Korpisalo (signed),Christian Künast (signed),Jochen Lehmann,Hans Lodin (signed),Bill McDougall,Shane Peacock (signed),Johan Rosén (signed),Boris Rousson (signed),Brent Severyn (signed),Alexander Serikow (signed),Mike Smazal (signed),Pelle Svensson (signed),Simon Wheeldon (signed),Sven Wiele (signed),Sean Simpson (signed)

    2000-01 München Barons Postcards
    Thomas Dolak (signed),Johan Rosén (signed),Peter Abstreiter (signed),Hans Lodin (signed),Jochen Lehmann (signed),Simon Wheeldon (signed),Jason Herter (signed),Phil Huber (signed),Kent Fearns (signed),Heiko Smazal (signed),Chris Luongo (signed),Peter Larsson (signed),Mike Kennedy (signed),Shane Peacock (signed),Boris Rousson (signed),Alexander Serikow (signed),Christian Künast (signed),Peter Douris (signed),Jörg Handrick (signed),Sean Simpson (signed)

    2001-02 München Barons Postcards
    Thomas Dolak (signed),Patrick Köppchen (signed),Simon Wheeldon (signed),Boris Rousson (signed),Hans Lodin (signed),Derek King (signed),Mike Smazal (signed),Peter Abstreiter (signed),Peter Douris (signed),Kent Fearns (signed),Alexander Jung (signed),Alexander Serikow (signed),Jörg Handrick (signed),Jason Herter (signed),Johan Rosén (signed),Mike Kennedy (signed),Christian Künast (signed),Andy Schneider (signed),Derek Plante (signed),Shane Peacock (signed),Beppo Schlickernrieder (signed),Sean Simpson (signed)

    1991-92 EHC 80 Nürnberg Postcards
    Christian Ott (signed),Gerhard Hegen (signed),Murray McIntosh (signed),Peter Stankovic (signed),Peter Netzsch (signed),Marcel Lichnovsky (signed),Michael Weinfurter (signed),Karsten Neumann (signed),Markus Goerlitz (signed),Jürgen Lechl

    1992-93 ? EHC 80 Nürnberg Postcards
    Ludvig Kopecky (signed),Stefan Bauer (signed),Markus Goerlitz (signed),Thomas Dahlem (signed),Peter Netzsch (signed),Marcel Lichnovsky (signed),Roger Bruns (signed)

    199?-9? EHC 80 Nürnberg Postcards
    Paul Geddes (signed),Jiri Dolezal (signed)

    1994-95 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    Reiner Vorderbrüggen (signed),Leos Andysek (signed),Marcus Goerlitz (signed),Arno Brux (signed),Thilo Herberholz (signed),Doug Irwin (signed),Jürgen Lechl (signed),Jens Braun (signed),Peter Cerny (signed),Christian Flügge (signed),Paul Geddes (signed),Christian Gerum (signed),Stephan Bauer (signed),Miroslav Maly (signed),Jiri Dolezal (signed),Stefan Steinbock (signed),Thomas Sterflinger (signed),Michael Weinfurtner (signed),Daniel Stein (signed),Joschi Golonka (signed)

    1995-96 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    Teamfoto,Stefan Lahn (signed),Jan Eysselt (signed)

    1996-97 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    Paul Geddes,Michel Vallière (signed),Martin Jiranek

    1998-99 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    John Craighead (signed)

    1999-00 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    Jason Miller,Martin Jiranek (signed)

    2000-01 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    Jason Miller (signed),Björn Nord (signed),Jürgen Rumrich (signed),Guy Lehoux (signed),Hannes Körber (signed),Dimitri Dudik (signed),Alexander Cherbayev (signed),Per Lundell (signed),John Craighead (signed),Christian Schönmoser (signed),Markus Akerblom (signed),Martin Jiranek (signed),Tobias Güttner (signed),Mario Chitaroni (signed),Jan Nemecek (signed),Daniel Kunce (signed),Kevin Miehm (signed),Luciano Borsato (signed)

    2001-02 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    Jason Miller,Frederic Chabot (signed),Chris Luongo (signed),Kevin Dahl (signed),Shawn Anderson (signed),Jacek Plachta

    2002-03 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    Marc Savard (signed),Terry Yake,Shawn Anderson,Thomas Greilinger,Jürgen Rumrich,Ivan Droppa,Kevin Dahl (signed),Steve Larouche,Christian Schönmoser,Dave Tomlinson,Thomas Schinko,Vitalij Aab,Martin Sychra,Robert Guillet,Chris Luongo,Martin Jiranek,Frederic Chabot (signed),Guy Lehoux (signed),Mike Schmidt (signed),Jiri Ehrenberger (signed)

    2003-04 Nürnberg Ice Tigers Postcards
    Greg Poss

    1993-94 EC Ratingen Postcards
    Sergej Wikulow (signed),Carsten Solbach (signed),René Reuter (signed),Oliver Schwarz (signed),Waldemar Nowosjolow (signed),Jürgen Schulz (signed),Eugeni Soultanovitch (signed),Richard Brodnicki (signed),Robert Schütz (signed),Vitalij Grossmann (signed),Andrej Fuchs (signed),Boris Fuchs (signed),Pavel Mann (signed),Reiner Vorderbrüggen (signed),Waleri Konstantinow (signed),Sven Prusa (signed)

    1995-96 EC Ratingen Postcards
    Jamie Bartman (signed),Cory Holden (signed),Peter Lutter (signed),Jeff Lazaro (signed),Dave Rich (signed)

    1996-97 EC Ratingen Postcards
    Tony Cimellaro (signed),Andreas Salomonsson (signed),Jeff Lazaro (signed), Mark Montanari (signed),Andrej Fuchs (signed),Dieter Bloem (signed),Peter Lutter (signed),Christian Schmitz (signed),Joakim Persson (signed)

    1997-98 EC Ratingen Revier Lions Postcards
    Christian Schmitz (signed),Peter Lutter (signed),Jens Nordin (signed),Carsten Gosdeck (signed),Daniel Kreutzer (signed)

    1998-99 Revier Löwen Oberhausen Postcards
    Markus Adolfson (signed),Norm Batherson (signed),Jeff Bloemberg (signed),Jason Clark (signed),Carsten Gosdeck (signed),Phil Huber (signed),Stefan Mayer (signed),Mike McNeill (signed),Christian Schmitz (signed),Todd Wetzel (signed),Jiri Kochta (signed)

    1999-00 Revier Löwen Oberhausen Postcards
    Mike Sullivan (signed),Robert Hock (signed),Jacek Plachta (signed),Andrej Fuchs (signed),Boris Fuchs (signed),Sven Gotzsch (signed),Markus Reinhardt (signed),Peter Gulda (signed),Jergus Baca (signed),Bob Marshall (signed),Mike McNeill (signed),Alexandrs Kercs (signed),Kai Fischer (signed),Albert Malgin (signed),(((Burke Murphy (signed) ))),Sergej Stas (signed),Ivo Jan (signed),Francois Gravel (signed),Aliaksandr Makrytski (signed),Viktor Karatchun (signed),Jiri Kochta (signed),Stefan Dittmann (signed)

    2000-01 Revier Löwen Oberhausen Postcards
    Niklas Brännström (signed),Marek Stebnicki (signed)

    2002-03 EV Eisbären Regensburg Minicards (2nd League)
    Marek Sebek,Enrico Kock (signed),Andreas Dörfler (signed)

    19??-?? SC Riessersee Postcards (B/W)
    Gerhard Stranka (signed)

    1991-92 SC Riessersee Postcards
    Christian Winkler (signed),Robert Hörl (signed),Michael Pump (signed),Thomas Storf (signed),Andreas Wittig (signed),Ferdinand Pfanzelter (signed),Paul Ruzicka (signed),Andreas Maurer (signed),Jürgen Reindl (signed),Horst Rauh,Ron Chyzowski,Florian Burger (signed)

    1995-96 SC Riessersee Postcards
    Andreas Ludwig (signed),Hubert Buchwieser (signed),Andreas maurer (signed),Peter Anholt (signed)

    2000-01 SC Riessersee Postcards
    Andreas Brockmann (signed),Peter Kathan (signed)

    2001-02 SC Riessersee Postcards
    (((Andy Pritchard))),Martin Hinterstocker,Markus Draxler,Jouni Lahtinen,Frank Hohenadl,Christian Winkler,Florian Schnitzer, Thomas Gödtel,Norman Batherson

    19??-?? Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards (B/W)
    Jiri Kralik (signed)

    1986-87 ? Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards
    Wacki Kretschmer (signed),Georg Franz (signed)

    1987-88 Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards
    Karl Friesen (signed),Georg Franz (signed),Anton Maidl (signed),Thomas Sterflinger (signed),Franz Reindl (signed),Horst-Peter Kretschmer (signed),Heinrich Schiffl (signed),Markus Berwanger (signed),Rainer Lutz (signed),Rainer Blum (signed),Ernst Höfner (signed),Michael Pohl (signed),Manfred Ahne (signed),Robert Crawford (signed),Glenn Merkosky (signed),Jaroslav Pouzar (signed),Tom Roulston (signed),Jürgen Trattner (signed),Ron Fischer (signed),Thomas Schädler (signed),Raimund Hilger (signed),Joachim Reil (signed),Andreas Enge (signed)

    1988-89 Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards
    Georg Franz (signed),Wolfgang Kummer (signed),Jürgen Trattner (signed),Michael Pohl,Robert Eylert (signed),Helmut Elters (signed),Raimund Hilger (signed),Bernd Zimmer (signed),Reemt Pyka (signed),Ron Fischer (signed),Heinrich Schiffl (signed),Gordon Sherven (signed),Karl Friesen (signed),Teamfoto

    1989-90 Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards
    Horst-Peter Kretschmer,Markus Berwanger,Karl Friesen,Gordon Sherven,Heinrich Schiffl,Ernst Höfner,Joachim Reil,Rainer Blum,Andreas Keiler,Anton Maidl,Manfred Ahne,Ron Fischer,Jaroslav Pouzar,Raphael Krüger,Rainer Lutz (signed),Reemt Pyka (signed),Claus Dalpiaz (signed),Raimund Hilger,Michael Pohl (signed),Jürgen Trattner,Georg Franz (signed),Wolfgang Kummer (signed),Jano Starsi,Teamfoto (2 X)

    1990-91 Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards
    Dale Derkatch (signed),Wolfgang Kummer (signed),Rainer Blum (signed),Claus Dalpiaz (signed),Ron Fischer,Rainer Lutz, Raphael Krüger,Horst-Peter Kretschmer,Dr. Jano Starsi,Gordon Sherven,Karl Friesen (signed),Ernst Höfner (signed)

    1991-92 Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards
    Rainer Blum (signed),Raphael Krüger (signed),Venci Sebek (signed),Gordon Sherven (signed),Dale Derkatch (signed),Bernd Kühnhauser (signed),Manfred Ahne (signed),Mike Heidt (signed),Raimund Hilger (signed),Ron Fischer (signed),Heinrich Schiffl (signed),Markus Berwanger (signed),Karl Friesen (signed),Ernst Höfner,Claus Dalpiaz,Frank Hohenadl,Robert Hock,Wolfgang Kummer (signed),Georg Franz (signed)

    1992-93 Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards
    Manfred Ahne,Gert Heubach,Jörg Völkle,Michael Trattner

    1993-94 Sportbund Rosenheim Postcards
    Michael Trattner (signed),Thomas Hieble (signed),Gert Heubach (signed),Joachim Reil (signed),Markus Wieland (signed),Patrick Lange (signed),Robert Hock (signed),Doug Derraugh (signed),Rick Boehm (signed)

    1994-95 Star Bulls Rosenheim Postcards
    Radek Toupal (signed),Mondi Hilger (signed),Ron Fischer (signed),Andreas Schneider (signed),Raphael Krüger (signed),Michael Pohl (signed),Markus Wieland,Florian Keller,Rick Böhm,Robert Hock,Venci Sebek,Christian Gegenfurtner,Petr Habek,Oliver Häusler,Joachim Reil,Michael Trattner,Heinrich Schiffl,Teamfoto

    1995-96 Star Bulls Rosenheim Postcards
    Dough Derraugh (signed),Vitus Mitterfellner (signed),Chris Clarke (signed),Ron Fischer (signed),Raphael Krüger (signed),Michael Pohl (signed),Markus Wieland (signed),Claus Dalpiaz (signed),Karl Friesen (signed)

    19??-?? Schwenninger ERC Postcards (B/W)
    Franz-Xaver Müller (signed)

    1987-88 Schwenninger ERC Postcards
    Don Dietrich (signed),George Fritz (signed)

    1989-90 Schwenninger ERC Postcards
    Matthias Hoppe (signed),Rudolf Hipp (signed),Bruce Hardy (signed),Grant Martin (signed),Wally Schreiber (signed),Thomas Deiter (signed),Mike Bukowski (signed),George Fritz (signed),Waler Kirchmaier (signed),Mike Lay (signed),Earl Spry (signed),Mike Heidt (signed),Thomas Rapsilber (signed),Andreas Schubert (signed),Karl Altmann (signed),
    Vaclav Nedomansky (signed)

    19??-?? Schwenninger ERC Postcards
    Matthias Hoppe (signed)

    199?-9? Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Mike Bader (signed)

    199?-9? Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Wally Schreiber (signed),Walter Kichmaier (signed),Miroslav Maly (signed),Maik Wüthner (signed),Jürgen Oder (signed),Christoph Hadraschek (signed),Thomas Gröger (signed),Bruce Hardy (signed),Thomas Deiter (signed)

    1992-93 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Markus Berwanger (signed)

    1994-95 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Matthias Hoppe (signed),George Fritz (signed),Daniel Nowak (signed),Wayne Hynes (signed),Miroslav Berek,Roger Bruns,Alan Young (signed),Robert Brezina (signed),Thomas Deiter (signed),Rudolf Hipp (signed),Bob Burns (signed),Peter Heinold (signed),Ilmar Toman (signed),Thomas Schädler (signed),Michael Pastika (signed),Carsten Solbach (signed),Karsten Schulz (signed),Thomas Gaus (signed),Richard Trojan (signed),Martin Svejda,Grant Martin (signed)

    1995-96 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Alan Young (signed),Zdenek Travnicek (signed),Daniel Nowak (signed),Mike Bader (signed),Wayne Hynes (signed),Gord Hynes (signed),Robert Brezina (signed),Carsten Solbach (signed),Karsten Schulz (signed),Mark MacKay (signed),Thomas Gaus (signed),Grant Martin (signed),Richard Trojan (signed),Frantisek Frosch (signed),George Fritz (signed),Sana Hassan Jr. (signed),Markus Braxmeier (signed),Bob Burns (signed),Heinz Hoffmann (signed),Sascha Goc (signed),Andreas Renz (signed)

    1996-97 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Brian Tutt (signed),Paul McCallion (signed),Andrew Clark (signed)

    1997-98 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Matthias Hoppe (signed),Grant Martin (signed),Yves Heroux (signed),Daniel Nowak (signed),Richard Trojan (signed),Andreas Renz (signed),Sascha Goc (signed),Emanuel Viveiros (signed),Mike Stevens (signed),Scott McCrory (signed),Robert Schistad (signed),Wayne Hynes (signed),Dan Laperriere (signed),Mark MacKay (signed),Guy Lehoux (signed)

    1998-99 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Matthias Hoppe (signed),Todd Harkins (signed),Randy Perry (signed)

    1999-00 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Andreas Renz (signed),Scott McCrory (signed),Patrik Augusta (signed),Daniel Nowak (signed),Marcel Goc (signed)

    2000-01 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Alexander Dück (signed),Jens Stramkowski (signed),Jason Deleurme (signed),Andreas Renz (signed)

    2001-02 Schwenninger Wild Wings Postcards
    Mark MacKay (signed),Neal Martin (signed),Markus Janka (signed),Markus Busch (signed)

    2002-03 Schwenninger Wild Wings Minicards
    Ralf Stärk (signed),Tom Pokel (signed)

    2000-01 EC Timmendorfer Strand Postcards (3rd League-Oberliga Nord)
    Johannes Koglin

    1990-91 PEV Weißwasser Postcards
    Thomas Bresagk (signed),Andreas Ludwig (signed),Ulf Siegmund (signed),Gerd Vogel (signed),Olf Engelmann (signed),Frank Peschke (signed),Tom Göbel (signed),Frank Liebert (signed),Thorsten Hanusch (signed),Henry Domke (signed),Torsten Eisebitt (signed),Jens Feller (signed),Steffen Thau (signed),Andreas Gebauer (signed),Jörg Handrick (signed),
    Falk Ozellis (signed),Georg Kink (signed)

    1995-96 ES Weißwasser-Chemnitz Füchse Postcards
    Ronny Reddo (signed),Ronny Martin (signed),Marcel Lichnovsky (signed),Torsten Eisebitt (signed),Frank Peschke (signed)

    2002-03 DEL Allstars Postcards
    Andrej Trefilov,Christoph Brandner

    19??-?? DEB-Team (German National Team) Mini-Photo (B/W)
    Ignaz Berndaner (signed)

    19??-?? DEB-Team (German National Team) Postcards
    Horst Heckelsmüller (signed)

    19??-?? DEB-Team (German National Team) Postcards
    Alois Schloder (signed)

    19??-?? DEB-Team (German National Team) Postcards
    Xaver Unsinn (signed),Harold Kreis (signed)

    19??-?? DEB-Team (German National Team) Postcards
    Jayson Meyer (signed),Dr. Ludek Bukac (signed)

    19??-?? DEB-Team (German National Team) Postcards
    George Zajankala (signed),Daniel Nowak (signed)

    2001 DEB-Team (German National Team) Postcards
    Andreas Loth (signed),Wayne Hynes (signed),Fabian Brännström (signed),Tobias Abstreiter (signed),Jörg Mayr (signed),Hans Zach (signed),Heiko Smazal (signed),Jochen Molling (signed),Rainer Zerwesz,Mark MacKay,Daniel Kunce,Leo Stefan,Sven Felski

    International Postcards

    Austrian Postcards

    1999-00 Wiener EV
    Anthony Iob (signed),Sascha Tomanek (signed),Patrick Thompson (signed),Bob Maudie (signed),Rod Hinks (signed),Clemens Marczell (signed),Bernhard Austerer (signed),Wolfgang Strauss (signed),Martin Krainz (signed),Roland Divis (signed),Jürgen Leitner (signed),Arthur Marczell (signed),Gerhard Göttfried (signed),Andreas Judex (signed),Dan Hober (signed)

    Swiss Postcards

    1992-93 ZSC Zürich Lions (Swiss) Postcards
    Dale Derkatch (signed),Jerry Zuurmond (signed)

    19??-?? ZSC Zürich Lions (Swiss) Postcards
    Pavel Wohl (signed)

    1997-98 EV Zug (Swiss) Postcards
    Jörg Eberle,Bob Leslie

    1991-92 EHC Chur (Swiss) Postcards
    Roberto Lavoie (signed)

    2001-02 HC Davos (Swiss) Postcards

    199?-9? Grashoppers Zürich (Swiss) Postcards
    Thierry Paterlini (signed)

    19??-?? EHC Kloten (Swiss) Postcards
    Pavel Volek (signed)

    200?-0? HC Lugano (Swiss) Postcards
    Giovanni Conte (signed) ?

    2002-03 HC Lausanne (Swiss) Postcards
    Ronny Keller (signed),Beat Kindler (signed)

    2002-03 SC Rapperswil-Jona (Swiss) Postcards
    Sebastien Reuille

    1991-92 Biel (Swiss) Postcards
    Ramil Yuldashev (signed),Valery Shirajev (signed)

    Finnish Postcards

    1988-89 Tappara Tampere (Finnish) Postcards
    Timo Susi (signed)

    1993/94 ? Jokerit Helsinki (Finnish) Postcards
    Sebastian Sulku

    Finnish National Team Autographs On A Piece Of Paper From Olympia 1988 In Calgary
    Timo Blomqvist,Jyrki Lumme,Jukka Virtanen,Reijo Ruotsalainen,Simo Saarinen,Rejo Mikkolainen,Timo Susi,Jari Torkki, Pekka Tuomisto,Sakari Lindfors,Raimo Helminen,esa Keskinen,Erkki Laine,Kari Laitinen,Erkki Lehtonen

    USA Photo (B/W)
    Mike Eruzione (signed)


    1979-80 Panini Stickers
    Charging,Misconduct Penalty,Kneeing,Interference,Canada,Thomas Lysiak,Milan Kajkl,Frantisek Kaberle,Hermann Hinterstocker,Tadeusz Slowakiewicz,Andrzej Slowakiewicz,Andrzej Zabawa

    1982-83 Finnish World Championsip Stickers
    Harold Kreis,Michael Heidt,Raimund Hilger,Ernst Köpf Jr.,Axel Kammerer,Jürgen Rumrich,Lorenz Funk Jr.,Andreas Lupzig,Tobias Abstreiter,Michael Pohl

    1987-88 Panini Stickers
    Greg C. Adams

    1988-89 Panini Stickers

    1989-90 Panini Stickers

    1992-93 Panini Stickers
    Marty McSorley

    1993-94 Panini Stickers + Album
    1-30,32,34-36,38-40,42,44-51,53-99,101-103,106-127,129-141,143-151,153,155-179, 181,183-188,190,193-204,206-209,211-215,217-219,221-223,225-228,230-240,242-245,247,249-256,259-269,271-274,276,A,B,C,E,H,I,J,K,L,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W

    2000-01 Panini Stickers
    Teamlogo Edmonton Oilers,Doug Weight,German Titov,Ryan Smith,Roman Hamrlik

    1983-84 Puffy Stickers + Album
    Mike Bullard,Bill Barber,John Van Boxmeer,Blaine Stoughton,Dino Ciccarelli,Michel Goulet,Brad Park,Tom Lysiak,Darryl Sittler,Paul Gardner,Rick Middleton,Real Cloutier,Bernie Nicholls,Tony McKegney,Brian Sutter,Steve Larmer, Danny Gare,Mark Johnson,Brian Bellows,Pierre Larouche,Neal Broten,Peter Stastny,Gil Perreault,Larry Murphy,Hector Marini,Jim Schoenfeld,Pete Peeters

    1982-83 Topps Stickers
    Marcel Dionne,Dave Taylor,Larry Murphy,Steve Bozek,Greg Terrion,Jim Fox,Mario Lessard

    2002-03 Toronto Sun Power Play Stickers
    Marc Savard (#11),Ryan Smyth (#31),Colorado Avalanche Team Logo (#76),Edmonton Oilers Team Logo (#77),Dallas Stars Team Logo (#81),Buffalo Sabres Team Logo (#91),Chris Phillips (#117),Tie Domi (#126),Ed Jovanovski (#161)


    1974-75 NHL Action Stamps
    Marcel Dionne,Bryan Watson,Jean Hamel,Pierre Jarry,Nelson Pyatt,Nick Libett,Mickey Redmond,Ron Anderson,Ted McAneely,Ron Ellis,Dan Maloney,Randy Rota,Ron Harris,Ivan Boldirev,Dan Bouchard,Carol Vadnala,Roger Crozier,Craig Patrick,Dennis Hull,Thommie Bergman,Bob Murdoch,Murray Oliver,Noel Price,Don Marcotte,Norm Gratton,Robert Stewart,Bill White,Mickey Redmond,Sheldon Kannegiesser,Jean Paul Parise,Gregg Sheppard,Gary Croteau,Doug Rombough,Doug Mohns,Chris Oddleifson,Lawrence Sacharuk,Nelson Debenedet,Arnie Brown,Richard Martin,J.P. Bordeleau,Dennis O´Brien,Yvan Cournoyer,Bill Fairbairn,Rick MacLeish,Gregg Boddy,Joe Lundrigan,Jerry Byers,Ed Gilbert,Al MacAdam,Nick Libett,Lee Fogolin


    1983-84 NHL Key Tags
    Don Edwards,Mel Bridgman,Guy Chouinard/Doug Risebrough,Lanny McDonald/Kent Nilsson,Paul Reinhart/Jim Peplinski,Jerry Korab,Gary Laskoski,Dave Lewis/Mark Hardy,Marcel Dionne/Jim Fox,Bernie Nicholls/ Mike Murphy,Tomas Jonsson,Dean Kennedy/Larry Murphy,Billy Smith/John Tonelli,Dave Langevin/Mike/Bossy,Brent Sutter/Bryan Trottier,Bob Bourne/Clark/Gillies,Stefan Persson/Denis Potvin


    1994-95 Canada Games NHL POGS
    Joe Sacco,Al Iafrate,Alexei Kasatonov,Cam Neely,Don Sweeney,Ray Bourque,Ted Donato,Alexander Mogilny,Joe Murphy,Russ Courtnall,Vycheslav Kozlov,Vladimir Konstantinov,Gord Murphy,Gino Odjick,Sergei Nemchinov,Steve Duchesne,Kelly Miller,Tie Domi,Dallas Drake,Nelson Emerson,Teemu Selanne,Keith Tkachuk,Darrin Shannon,Dave Manson,John Blue,Stephane Quintal,Tim Cheveldae,Boston Bruins Teamlogo,Quebec Nordiques Teamlogo,Winnipeg Jets Teamlogo,Ray Bourque,Cam Neely,Jyrki Lumme,Trevor Linden,Tie Domi,Teppo Numminen

    1995-96 Canada Games NHL POGS
    Corey Millen,Dave Gagner,Mike Donelly,Trent Klatt,Kevin Hatcher,Grant Ledyard,Andy Moog


    1984-85 Boston Bruins Postcards
    Louis Sleigher,Mike Milbury,Keith Crowder,Steve Kasper,Ken Linseman,Terry O’Reilly,Barry Pederson,Nevin Markwart, ike O’Connell,Geoff Courtnall,Doug Keans,Rick Middleton,Mike Gillis,Gord Kluzak

    1985-86 Boston Bruins Postcards
    Doug Keans,Cleon Daskalakis

    1986-87 ? Boston Bruins Postcards
    Doug Keans

    1989-90 Boston Bruins Sports Action
    Ray Bourque,Andy Brickley,Randy Burridge,Lyndon Byers,Bob Carpenter,John Carter,Rob Cimetta,Garry Galley,Bob Gould,Greg Hawgood,Craig Janney,Bob Joyce,Rejean Lemelin,Ken Linseman,Andy Moog,Nevin Markwart,Cam Neely,Allen Pedersen,Stephane Quintal,(((Michael Thelven))),Bruins Top 10 Scorers,Stanley Cup Champions

    1988-89 Buffalo Sabres Postcards B/W
    Ted Sator (signed)

    1988-89 ? Buffalo Sabres Blue Shield Postcards
    Darren Puppa,Jacques Cloutier

    1989-90 ? ? Buffalo Sabres Blue Shield Postcards
    Darren Puppa,Clint Malarchuk

    1991-92 Calgary Flames IGA
    Al MacInnis,JimKyte,Ric Nattress,Gary Roberts,Martin Simard,Neil Sheehy,Tim Hunter,Gary Suter,Stephane Matteau,Joel Otto,Michael Vernon,Rick Wamsley,Carey Wilson,Jamie Macoun,Doug Gilmour,Sergei Makarov,Tim Sweeney,Paul Ranheim

    1991-92 Calgary Flames Upper Deck Sheet Dec.27, 1991
    Theoren Fleury/Robert Reichel/Joel Otto/Doug Gilmour/Gary Roberts/Al Mac Innis

    1976-77 Chicago Blackhawks Postcards
    Tony Esposito,Bobby Orr,Kirk Bowman,Cliff Koroll,Dale Tallon,Jim Harrison

    1986-87 ? Chicago Blackhawks
    Behn Wilson (signed),Bill Watson (signed)

    1986-87 ? Chicago Blackhawks/ Coke
    Behn Wilson (signed),Troy Murray (signed)

    1987-88 Chicago Blackhawks/ Coke
    Glen Cochrane (signed)

    1996-97 Colorado Avalanche Team Issue
    René Corbet

    1995-96 Dallas Stars Postcards Southwest Airline
    Guy Carbonneau,Grant Marshall,Ken Hitchcock [Coach]

    2002-03 Dallas Stars Postcards
    Mike Modano,Philippe Boucher,Rob DiMaio

    2003-04 Dallas Stars Postcards
    Sergei Zubov,Brenden Morrow,Steve Ott,Teppo Numminen,Don Sweeney,Ron Tugnutt,(((Mathias Tjarnqvist))),Steve Gainey,Bill Guerin,John Erskine,Aaron Downey,Antii Miettinen,Rob Valicevic,Jeff Mac Millan,Jon Klemm,Jere Lehtinen,Marty Turco,Richard Matvichuk,Mike Modano,Stu Barnes,Trevor Daley,Philippe Boucher,Jason Arnott,Pierre Turgeon,Rob DiMaio,David Oliver,Blake Sloan (B/W),Gavin Morgan (B/W)

    1984-85 Detroit Red Wings/ Little Caesars
    Bob Manno,Larry Trader,Billy Carroll,Doug Shedden

    1985-86 Detroit Red Wings/ Little Caesars
    Lane Lambert,Greg Smith,Tim Friday,Billy Carroll,Doug Shedden

    2001-02 ? Detroit Red Wings Postcards
    Brett Hull

    1979-80 Edmonton Oilers Postcards
    Lee Fogolin,Dave Hunter,Kevin Lowe

    1987-88 Edmonton Oilers Postcards B/W
    Kevin Lowe (signed)

    1988-89 Edmonton Oilers Postcards B/W
    Steve Smith (signed)

    1988-89 Edmonton Oilers Team Issue
    Normand Lacombe,Kevin McClelland

    1989-90 Edmonton Oilers Postcards B/W
    Kevin Lowe (signed),Adam Graves (signed)

    1992-93 Edmonton Oilers Team Issue
    Bill Ranford

    1993-94 Edmonton Oilers Team Issue
    Ilya Byakin,Zdeno Ciger,Shayne Corson,Louie DeBrusk,Ian Herbers,Igor Kravchuk,Shjon Podein,Steve Rice,Luke Richardson,Scott Thornton

    1993-94 Florida Panthers Strat-O-Matic Statistic Game Cards
    John Vanbiesbrouck,Dave Lowry,Bob Kudelski,Mike Hough,Brian Skrudland,Jody Hull,Stu Barnes,Mark Fitzpatrick,Scott Mellanby,Tom Fitzgerald,Bill Lindsay,Brian Benning,Gord Murphy,Geoff Smith,Joe Cirella,Brent Severyn

    199?-9? Florida Panthers
    Pavel Bure

    200?-0? Florida Panthers
    Roberto Luongo

    1988-89 Los Angeles Kings Postcards B/W
    Dwayne McBean (signed),Tom Laidlaw (signed)

    19??-?? Los Angeles Kings Postcards
    Kelly Hrudey

    1985-86 Minnesota North Stars Postcards
    Dirk Graham (signed),Craig Hartsburg (signed)

    1972-73 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Rejean Houle,Michel Plasse

    1974-75 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Bob Gainey,Larry Robinson

    1978-79 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Yvan Cournoyer

    1979-80 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Denis Herron,Steve Shutt

    1980-81 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Pierre Larouche,Doug Jarvis

    1981-82 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Bob Berry,Bob Gainey,Pierre Mondou,Jacques Laperriere

    1981-82 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Mark Napier

    1983-84 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Steve Shutt,Chris Nilan,Mark Hunter,Bob Gainey,Perry Turnbull,Bill Root,Ryan Walter,Rick Wamsley

    1984-85 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Jean Perron,Jacques Lemaire,Jacques Laperriere,Mark Hunter,Mario Tremblay,Guy Charbonneau,Tom Kurvers,Pierre Mondou,Petr Svoboda,Ric Nattress,Craig Ludwig,Serge Boisvert,Rick Green,Guy Lafleur,Larry Robinson,Ryan Walter,Lucien Deblois,Bob Gainey,Ron Flockhart,Mike McPhee

    1986-87 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Jean Perron

    1987-88 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Jean Perron,Jacques Laperriere,Serge Savard,Francois Allaire,Ryan Walter,John Kordic,Guy Carbonneau,Bob Gainey,Larry Robinson,Petr Svoboda,Craig Ludwig,Rick Green,Shayne Corson,Mike McPhee,Mike Lalor,Stephane Richer,Brian Skrudland,Gilles Thibaudeau,Larry Trader,Claude Lemieux

    1988-89 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Pat Burns,Ronald Corey,Jacques Laperriere,Serge Savard,Franbcois Allaire,Ryan Walter,Russ Courtnall,Petr Svoboda,Craig Ludwig,Shayne Corson,Mike McPhee,Stephane Richer,Brian Skrudland,Claude Lemieux,Eric Desjardins,Mike Keane

    1988-89 Montreal Canadiens Postcards B/W
    Rick Green (signed)

    2001-02 Montreal Canadiens Postcards
    Rollie Melanson [Assistant Coach],Rick Green [Assistant Coach],Guy Carbonneau [Assistant Coach],Michel Therrien [Head Coach],Richard Zednik,Patrick Traverse,Jose Theodore,Sheldon Souray,Reid Simpson,Brian Savage,Martin Rucinsky,Craig Rivet,Mike Ribeiro,Stephane Quintal,Patrick Poulin,Oleg Petrov,Gino Odjick,Saku Koivu,Chad Kilger,Joe Juneau,Jeff Hackett,Doug Gilmour,Mathieu Garon,Karl Dykhuis,Andreas Dackell,Jan Bulis,Benoit Brunet,Patrice Brisebois,Yanic Perreault

    1985-96 New Jersey Devils Postcards
    Kirk Muller,Perry Anderson,Randy Valischek,Mark Johnson,Craig Wolanin

    1985-96 New Jersey Devils Postcards B/W
    Mel Bridgman (signed),Bruce Driver (signed),Doug Sulliman (signed),Doug Carpenter (signed)

    1986-87 New Jersey Devils S.O.B.E.R.
    Perry Anderson,Andy Brickley,Mel Bridgman,Aaron Broten,Alain Chevrier,Joe Cirella,Ken Daneyko,Bruce Driver,Uli Hiemer,Mark Johnson,Jan Ludvig,John MacLean,Peter McNab,Kirk Muller,Doug Sulliman,Randy Velischek,Pat Verbeek,Craig Wolanin

    1986-87 New York Islanders Mini Cards
    Team Logo Card,Denis Potvin (signed),Gord Dineen (signed),Randy Boyd (signed),Greg Gilbert (signed),Alan Kerr (signed),Brian Curran (signed),Bryan Trottier (signed),Patrick Flatley (signed),Richard Kromm (signed),Steve Konroyd (signed),Bill Smith,Brad Lauer,Brent Sutter,Mike Bossy,Dale Henry,Gerald Diduck,Roger Kortko,Terry Simpson [Coach],Bob Nystrom [Asst. Coach],Craig Smith/Jim Pickard/Jerry Iannarelli [Trainers]

    1992-93 ? New York Islanders Postcards
    Glenn Healy

    2002-03 ? New York Islanders Postcards
    Oleg Kvasha,Jason Blake,Mark Parrish

    1988-89 ? New York Rangers Photo
    James Patrick

    1990-91 Philadelphia Flyers Postcards
    Ron Hextall

    1992-93 Philadelphia Flyers Upper Deck Player Line Up Cards Sheets 8 ½ by 11
    Kevin Dineen,Brian Benning,Keith Acton,Dave Brown,Claude Boivin,Terry Carkner,Dimitri Yushkevich,Shawn Cronin,Garry Galley,Ryan McGill,Doug Evans,Ric Nattress,Pelle Eklund,The Captains-Kevin Dineen/Keith Acton/Terry Carkner,Dave Brown,Greg Paslawski,The Coaches-Craig Hartsburg/Bill Dineen/Ken Hitchcock,Gord Hynes, Bill & Kevin Dineen,Greg Paslawski,Keith Acton,Josef Beranek,Garry Galley,Terry Carkner,Steve Kasper,Greg Hawgood,Hockey Hall Of Famers-Bob Clarke/Ed Snider/Bill Barber/Bernie Parent/Keith Allen

    1993-94 Philadelphia Flyers Postcards/ J.C. Penney
    Dave Tippett,Rob Ramage,Dave Brown,Garry Galley,Ryan McGill,Jason Bowen

    1994-95 Philadelphia FlyersStarting Line Up Cards Sheets 8 ½ by 11
    Eric Lindros,Shjon Podein,John LeClair,Ron Hextall,Petr Svoboda,Kevin Dineen,Eric Desjardins,The Coaches-Keith Acton/Terry Murray/Tom Webster,Kevin Haller,Ron Hextall,Chris Terien,Craig MacTavish,Rob DiMaio,Dimitri Yushkevich,John LeClair/Eric Lindros/Mikael Renberg,Anatoli Semenov,Karl Dykhuis,Gilbert Dionne,Shawn Antoski,Dave Brown,The Captains-Eric Lindros/Craig MacTavish/Rod Brind’Amour,Mark Lamb,Garry Galley,Rob Zettler

    2002-03 Phoenix Coyotes Postcards
    Landon Wilson,Branko Radivojevic,Brad May,Brian Boucher,Radoslav Suchy,Mike Johnson,Daymond Langkow,Sean Burke,Deron Quint,Drake Berehowsky,(((Ossi Vaananen))),Todd Simpson,Teppo Numminen,Paul Mara,Shane Doan,Paul Ranheim,Ladislav Nagy,Kelly Buchberger,Scott Pellerin,Andrei Nazarov,Brian Savage,Danny Markov,Bob Francis,Benoit Allaire,Pat Conacher,Rick Bowness,Kristofer Kolanos,Curt Keilback

    198?-8? Pittsburgh Penguins Postcards/ Coke/ Cameron
    Rob Brown (signed)

    1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins Postcards/ Coke/Clark
    Joe Mullen

    1988-89 Quebec Nordiques Team Issue
    Iiro Järvi

    1988-89 Quebec Nordiques/ General Foods
    Trevor Stienburg,Bob Mason

    1989-90 Quebec Nordiques/ General Foods
    Michel Bergeron,Jeff Brown,Joe Cirella,Lucien Deblois,Daniel Doré,Steven Finn,Stéphane Fiset,Paul Gillis,Michel Goulet,Jari Gronstrand,Stéphane Guérard,Mike Hough,Jeff Jackson,Darin Kimble,Guy Lafleur,David Latta,Curtis Leschyshyn,Claude Loiselle,Mario Marois,Ken McRae,Robert Picard,Peter Stastny,Team Photo

    1992-93 Quebec Nordiques Team Issue
    Bryan Fogarty,Stephane Morin,Pierre Pagé

    1992-93 Quebec Nordiques/ Petro-Canada
    Curtis Leschyshyn,Bill Lindsay

    1994-95 Quebec Nordiques/ Burger King
    Stéphane Fiset,Adam Foote,Jocelyn Thibault,Craig Wolanin,Wendel Clark,Adam Deadmarsh,Chris Simon

    1988-89 St. Louis Blues/ Kodak
    Brian Benning,Tim Bothwell,Gino Cavallini,Paul Cavallini,Craig Coxe,Todd Ewen,Bernie Federko,Gaston Gingras,Tony Hrkac,Brett Hull,Tony McKegney,Rick Meagher,Greg Millen,Greg Paslawski,Herb Raglan,Dave Richter,Gordie Roberts,Cliff Ronning,Peter Zezel

    1999-00 St. Louis Blues/ Taco Bell
    Pierre Turgeon,Dave Ellett,Lubos Bartecko,Pavol Demitra,Michal Handzus,Jeff Finley,Craig Conroy,Scott Pellerin,Chris Pronger,Todd Reirden

    2000-01 St. Louis Blues Line-Up Sheets Oct.19, 2000
    Scott Young

    2000-01 St. Louis Blues Line-Up Sheets Oct.21, 2000
    Al Mac Innis

    1995-96 Tampa Bay Lightning Postcards/ Kodak
    Darren Puppa (2 diffreent),Alan Egeland,Brian Bradley (2),John Cullen (2),Petr Klima (3),Cory Cross,Shawn Burr

    1987-88 Toronto Maple Leafs Postcards Oversized
    Peter Ihnacak,Gary Leeman (signed),Tom Fergus (signed)

    1992-93 Toronto Maple Leafs Black's Photography/ Score
    Wendel Clark,Doug Gilmour,Glenn Anderson,Peter Zezel,Bob Rouse,Mark Osborne,Jamie Macoun,Sylvain Lefebvre,Drake Berehowsky,Bill Berg,John Cullen,Ken Baumgartner,Dave Ellett,Mike Foligno,Todd Gill,Mike Krushelnyski,Felix Potvin

    200?-0? Toronto Maple Leafs/ Kodak
    Gary Roberts (signed)

    2002-03 Toronto Maple Leafs Postcards
    Owen Nolan,Wade Belak,Shayne Corson,Robert Svehla,Paul Healey,Tom Fitzgerald

    1981-82 Vancouver Canucks Silverwood Dairies
    Darcy Rota,Glen Hanlon,Harold Snepsts,Gerry Minor,Jerry Butler,Doug Halward,Rick Lanz,Curt Fraser,Marc Crawford,Kevin McCarthy,Ivan Boldirev,Stan Smyl,Colin Campbell,Gary Lupul

    1986-87 Vancouver Canucks Postcards B/W
    Steve Tambellini (signed),David Bruce (signed)

    1987-88 Vancouver Canucks/ Shell Oil
    Jim Benning,Randy Boyd,Richard Brodeur,David Bruce,Garth Butcher,Craig Coxe,Willie Huber,Jim Sandlak,David Saunders,Petri Skriko,Stan Smyl,Daryl Stanley,Rich Sutter,Steve Tambellini,Tony Tanti

    1989-90 Vancouver Canucks Mohawk
    Kirk McLean

    199?-9? Vancouver Canucks Photo
    Sergio Momesso (signed)

    1992-93 Vancouver Canucks Photo Sheets (Black&White)
    Sheet 1 : Jim Sandlak/Anatoli Semenov/Jiri Slegr/Garry Valk/Ryan Walter/Dixon Ward/Kay Whitmore/Larry Ashley/Pat O’Neill
    Sheet 2 : Arthur Griffiths/Pat Quinn/George McPhee/Ron Wilson/Rick Ley/Stan Smyl/Glen Hanlon/Jack McIlhargey/Rick Vaive

    1993-94 Vancouver Canucks Coins/ Got-Um Medallions
    Pat Quinn,Trevor Linden,Kirk McLean,Cliff Ronning,Dana Murzyn,Dave Babych,Dixon Ward,Geoff Coutnall,Gerald Diduck,Gino Odjick,Jiri Slegr,John McIntyre,Kay Whitmore,Murray Craven,Robert Dirk,Sergio Momesso,Shawn Antoski,Tim Hunter

    1986-87 Washington Capitals/ Police
    Greg C. Adams

    1987-88 Washington Capitals Postcards B/W
    Craig Laughlin (signed),Kevin Hatcher (signed)

    1981-82 Winnipeg Jets Postcards
    Bengt Lundholm

    1984-85 Winnipeg Jets/ Police
    Scott Arniel,Dave Babych,Laurie Boschma,Randy Carlyle,Dave Ellett,John Ferguson [Vice President & General Manager],Dale Hawerchuk,Brian Hayward,Jim Kyte,Morris Lukowich,Bengt Lundholm,Paul MacLean,Andrew McBain,Brian Mullen,Robert Picard,Paul Pooley,Doug Smail,Perry Turnbull,Tim Watters,Ron Wilson,Bill Sutherland/Barry Long/Rick Bowness [Assistant Coaches]

    1985-86 Winnipeg Jets/ Police
    Jim Kyte,Randy Carlyle,Bill Sutherland/Barry Long/Rick Bowness [Assistant Coaches]

    1988-89 Winnipeg Jets/ Police
    Fredrik Olausson,Peter Taglianetti,Ray Neufeld,Dave Ellett,Pat Elynuik,Randy Carlyle,Brent Ashton,Iain Duncan,Mario Marois,Jim Kyte,Dale Hawerchuk,Andrew McBain,Randy Gilhen,Doug Smail,Dave Hunter,Alain Chevrier,Dan Maloney [Head Coach],Bill Sutherland/Bruce Southern,Rick St. Croix [Assistant Coaches],Winnipeg Jets Team Picture

    1988-89 Winnipeg Jets Postcards
    Alain Chevrier

    1989-90 Winnipeg Jets/ Safeway
    Dave Ellett (signed),Brent Ashton (signed),Doug Smail (signed),Laurie Boschman (signed),Iain Duncan,Mark Kumpel (signed),Moe Mantha (signed),Greg Paslawski (signed),Brad Berry,Shawn Cronin (signed),Brent Hughes,Benny [Mascot] (signed)

    1990-91 Winnipeg Jets/ IGA
    Brent Ashton,Randy Carlyle,Scott Arniel,Pat Elynuik,Phil Sykes,Iain Duncan,Moe Mantha,Paul MacDermid,Danton Cole, Sergei Kharin,Greg Paslawski,Stephane Beauregard,Richard Tabaracci,Don Barber,Simon Wheeldon,Gord Donnelly,Doug Evans,Shawn Cronin

    1991 Winnipeg Jets Panini Stickers Team Set
    Scott Arniel,Brent Ashton,Stephane Beauregard,Randy Carlyle,Danton Cole,Shawn Cronon,Gord Donelly,Kris Draper,Dave Ellett,Pat Elynuik,Doug Evans,Paul Fenton,Phil Housley,Mark Kumpel,Paul MacDermid,Moe Mantha,Teppo Numminen,Greg Paslawski,Doug Smail,Phil Sykes,Rick Tabaracci,Team Logo (Left Side),Team Logo (Right Side), Paul Fenton,Phil Housley


    1977-78 Coca-Cola
    Marcel Dionne,Sly Apps

    1980-81 Pepsi-Cola Caps
    Paul Coffey,Brett Callighen,Stan Weir,Matti Hagman,Pat Price

    1994-95 Masked Defenders/ Kraft Dinner
    Dominik Hasek,Daren Puppa,Tom Barrasso,Don Beaupre

    1981-82 Post Cereal Standups
    Willi Plett

    1982-83 Post Cereal
    Paul Reinhart,Jim Peplinski,Ken Houston,Lanny McDonald,Deis Cyr,Guy Chouinard,Jamie Hislop,Willi Plett,Mel Bridgman,Pat Riggin,Gary McAdam,Kent Nilsson,Tomas Jonsson,Ken Morrow,Stefan Persson,Dave Langevin,Clark Gillies,Mike McEwen,Bryan Trottier,Bob Nystrom,John Tonelli,Mike Bossy,Wayne Merrick,Billy Smith,Anders Kallur,Bob Bourne,Rick Chartraw,Mark Hardy,Larry Murphy,Jay Wells,Dave Lewis,Jerry Korab,Marcel Dionne,Dave Taylor,Doug Smith,Jim Fox,John P. Kelly,Steve Bozek,Dean Hopkins

    1983-84 Vachon
    Kent Nilsson,Walt Poddubny,Jaroslav Pouzar,Don Edwards,Lucien Deblois,Mario Marois,Jim Korn,Reggie Lemelin,Bengt Lundholm,Blake Wesley,Doug Wickenheiser,Doug Riseborough,Ron Delorme,Dale Hawerchuk,Mark Kirton,Dave Hunter,André Savard,Larry Robinson,Patrick Sundstrom,Ken Linseman,Dale Hunter,Mark Hunter,Bo Berglund,
    Guy Carbonneau,Terry Martin,Thomas Gradin,Jari Kurri,Jim Benning,Wilfrid Paiement,Mats Naslund,Brian Mullen,Winnipeg Jets Team Picture

    1993-94 Durivage Bread
    Alexandre Daigle [Special Edition],Jocelyn Thibault [Special Edition],Patrice Brisebois,Benoit Brunet,Guy Carbonneau,J.J. Daigneault,Vincent Damphousse,Eric Desjardins,Gilbert Dionne,Stephan Lebeau,Andre Racicot,Mario Roberge,Jacques Cloutier,Steven Finn,Stephane Fiset,Martin Gelinas,Claude Lapointe,Denis Savard,Raymond Bourque,Joe Juneau, Benoit Hogue,Pierre Turgeon,Mike Krushelnyski,Yves Racine,Sylvain Cote,Kevin Dineen,Garry Galley,Gaetan Duchesne,Jocelyn Lemieux,Stephane Matteau,Mike Hough,Scott Mellanby,Claude Lemieux,Patrick Poulin,Checklist

    1993-94 Kraft Jell-O Pudding
    Doug Gilmour/Felix Potvin,Mario Lemieux/Tom Barrasso,Wayne Gretzky/Kelly Hrudey,Joe Sakic/Stephane Fiset,Pavel Bure/Kirk McLean,Joe Nieuwendyk/Mike Vernon


    Dave Dryden (Edmonton Oilers),Kelly Hrudey (Los Angeles Kings),Gilles Villemure B/W (Chicago Blackhawks)
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    Sep 1999
    Vantaa, Finland


    Hi Marcus

    Do you still have these:

    1984-85 Detroit Red Wings/ Little Caesars
    Doug Shedden

    1985-86 Detroit Red Wings/ Little Caesars
    Doug Shedden

    Kari from Finland

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    Mar 2005

    more cards needed

    just thought id drop you another note and say there
    are a few more cards i am interested in purchasing if
    you have them available...

    2003-04 nuernberg ice tigers postcards greg poss

    1999-00 kolner haie fotos doug macdonald

    2000-01 kolner haie fotos doug macdonald

    2002-03 kolner haie postcard mickey elick

    2002-03 kolner haie leffers postcard mickey elick

    2001-02 krefeld pinguines postcard gary shuchuk

    these above mentioned cards along with the prior email
    i sent are the total cards that i am interested in

    might you have all these available? thanks again for
    your troubles and service!

    email me at

    take care,


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    Wilmington, Ohio
    I'm interested in trading for these two:

    1994-95 Atlanta Knights Stan Drulia

    1998-99 Detroit Vipers Freschetta Mike Prokopec

    If possible, I'd like to see a scan of the Drulia. Let me know if they are still available, and thank you! Andy Hatzos -

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    Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
    Very Interested in these!!!! PLMK if there are still avilable & if your interested in tradeing &/or selling


    1996-97 Kölner Haie Postcards (Spielplan 96/97 auf der Rückseite)
    Bob Murdoch [Coach] (signed)

    1996-97 Kölner Haie Postcards (Action Foto auf der Rückseite)
    Bob Murdoch (signed)

    1994-95 Mad Dogs München Postcards (Peugeot)
    Robert Murdoch (signed)

    1974-75 NHL Action Stamps
    Bob Murdoch


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    sned me an email...the one you have listed is not working any longer... is my email...


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    I badly need this postcard:

    1989-1990 schwenninger erc
    Thomas Rapsilber

    please contact me as soon as possible!!!

    thank you so much!

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    Jan 2013

    I am interested in these cards:

    00-01 Kolner Haie Postcards - Dimitri patzold
    00-01 Kolner Haie Fotos - Dimitri Patzold
    01-02 Kolner Haie Postcards - Dimitri Patzold
    02-03 Adler Mannheim Postcards - Dimitri Patzold

    Please contact me

    Thank you
    Tomas from the Czech Republic

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    Feb 2010

    I am interested in any cards.

    Please contact me to

    Thank you
    Roberto from the Italy

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