"Three tomatoes are walking down the street- a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and smooshes him... and says, 'Catch up.'"

Now that we have the tribute to Mia Wallace and Fox Force Five out of the way, I'll do exactly that...catch up.

Michal Neuvirth
c/o Washington Capitals Practice Facility
1-18-13 --- 2-19-13

Jerred Smithson
c/o Florida Panthers
1-23-13 --- 2-19-13

James Wisniewski
c/o Columbus Blue Jackets
1-25-13 --- 2-19-13

Bill Guerin
c/o Pittsburgh Penguins
2-11-13 --- 2-22-13

Don Sweeney
c/o Boston Bruins
1-30-13 --- 2-23-13

Matt Carkner
c/o New York Islanders Practice Facility
1-10-13 --- 3-2-13

Mike Green
c/o Washington Capitals Practice Facility
1-11-13 --- 3-2-13
*Signed one of two

Gord Murphy
c/o Florida Panthers
2-15-13 --- 3-7-13

Good Luck-