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Thread: Game used jerseys and sticks.

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    Game used jerseys and sticks.

    First off:
    1997-98 Johan Hedberg Detroit Vipers. #33 size 56G made by Bauer. Purple away jersey. Doesn't show much wear at all. Only played in 16 games for them. Didn't play in playoffs so there is no Turner cup patch but it does have the PHPA patch on the rear hem. Jersey was also used by Bryan McMullen. Evidence of a name plate change is visible. Jersey is signed on back number. This is the last Vipers game jersey in my personal collection. Years ago I sold off 3 seasons worth of shirts to forum members on behalf of their former Eq manager. I'm also listing some Hedberg Authentics below. Can make a deal on the whole bunch.
    $300.00 for the jersey above.

    The Wheeling Nailers for a few years had a Pittsburgh Pirates night where they would wear a baseball themed jersey for one game. Here are 3 jerseys. One from each year they did these:

    2004-05 #9 Aaron Smith $200.00
    2005-06 #2 Cliff Loya $200.00
    2006-07 #21 Vin Hellemeyer $200.00

    There are sweet Baseball looking hockey jerseys modeled after the Pirates uniforms. Take all 3 for $500.00.

    The Nailers also did a Pittsburgh Steelers themed jersey one game. There are no emblems from the steelers on it but the jersey does resemble the color scheme that the Steelers use.

    #6 Daniel Fernholm. Signed on the back. $250.00

    Other jerseys for sale:
    1999-2000 Game One Japan Pittsburgh Penguins Game issued black #8 Hans Jonsson $150.00 Signed on back.

    2004-05 Johnstown Chiefs Red 3rd jersey #31 David Currie. $250.00 Signed on back.

    1997-98 Johnstown Chiefs White #24 Lukas Smital. $250.00 Signed on back.

    1997-98 Johnstown Chiefs Black #24 Lukas Smital. $250.00

    2003-04 Johnstown Chiefs White #28 P.L. Courchesne. $200.00

    1996-97 Wheeling Nailers #12 Colin Schmidt. $250.00 Good wear and shows light blood stains around coller and one spot on sleeve.

    1997-98 Detroit Vipers purple #27 Steve Walker w/Turner Cup patch Sold! Thanks to the buyer!

    1999-00 Detroit Vipers purple #27 Steve Walker w/C $250.00

    1999-00 Detroit Vipers white #27 Steve Walker w/C $250.00

    1997-98 Quebec Rafaels "blue" #30 Freddy Deschenes $200.00 Signed on back.

    2005-06 Manitoba Moose Black set 1 #15 Jason Jaffray. $350.00 Signed on back.

    2006-07 Manitoba Moose White set 1 #15 Jason Jaffray. $350.00 Signed on back.

    2000-01 Kootenay Ice Blue #17 Jason Jaffray.
    $150.00 "Authentic" signed on back.

    1998-99 Kentucky Thoroughblades #33 Johan Hedberg home white Size 58G made by SP. ABC patch on front. Signed between back numbers. $150.00

    1998-99 Kentucky Thoroughblades #33 Johan Hedberg away dark Size 58G made by SP. ABC patch on front. Signed on back number. $150.00

    2000-01 Manitoba Moose #29 Johan Hedberg home white size 56 Bauer. $125.00

    Alexei Morozov replica jerseys all signed on back:
    Russian Wings Home $60.00
    Russian Wings away $60.00
    Stars of Russia $60.00
    Team Russia red jersey $50.00

    Stick lists:

    Trading for Penguin player related sticks. Doesn't matter what team stick was used for. See want list below. Thanks!

    Wayne Gretzky. Purchased from QVC many years ago. Easton shaft with blade insert auto'd. Shaft is cracking where blade fit into shaft. Not used. This is a new stick. $150.00

    Jaromir Jagr store model Koho stick. Signed on blade. $75.00

    Used sticks available:
    John Albert $80.00
    Jamie Allison $25.00
    Frank Banham $10.00
    Stephane Beauregard $10.00
    Max Birbrayer $25.00
    Paulin Bordeleau "Coaches stick" $10.00
    Scott Boston $10.00
    David Brosseau $10.00
    Louie Caporusso "Senators prospect" $30.00
    Keith Carney $30.00
    Zdeno Chara $50.00 "New, Game issued Branches wood stick"
    Marco Charpentier $10.00
    Tim Cheveldae $40.00
    Mark Cornforth $15.00
    Eric Daze $25.00
    Freddy Deschenes $30.00
    Guy Dupuis $15.00
    Chris Felix $20.00
    Eddie Ferhi "New Cinci Ducks issued" $20.00
    Carl Fleury $30.00
    Eric Fichaud "New player issued" $20.00
    Luke Golden $10.00
    Kevin Haller $25.00
    Lee Hamilton $10.00
    Kelly Harper $10.00
    Brett Hedican $30.00
    Matt Herr $25.00
    Benoit Hogue $30.00
    Joel Irving $25.00
    Bobby Jay $15.00
    Steve Kelly $20.00
    Dean Kennedy $20.00
    Dmitri Khristich $30.00
    Rick Knickle "used by Trevor Koenig" $20.00
    Kyle Kos "New player issued" $15.00
    Pavel Kubina $75.00
    Greg Labenski $20.00 "2 available"
    Marc Lamothe "New player issued" $20.00
    Seth Landry $10.00
    Doug Lidster $30.00
    Sanny Lindstrom $15.00
    Paul Macdermid $20.00
    Stuart Malgunas x2 $10.00
    Mike McBain $15.00
    Kelly Miller $40.00
    Freddy Modin $40.00
    Don Nachbauer $30.00
    Jimmie Olvestad $20.00
    Ryan Parent $80.00
    Val Passarelli $10.00
    Rob Pearson $20.00
    Mark Pederson $30.00
    Yannic Perreault $30.00
    Eric Perrin $50.00
    Michael Pivonka $40.00
    Jeff Reese "New player issued. Signed" $35.00
    Bobby Rouse $25.00
    Steve Sabo $10.00
    Ryan Savoia $30.00
    Corey Spring x5 $5.00
    Ken Sutton $30.00
    Alexsander Svitov $25.00
    Tim Taylor $30.00
    K.C. Timmons $15.00
    Fedor Tyutin $100.00
    Steve Vezina "New Sher-Wood stick" $10.00
    Allen York $60.00

    J.S Aubin $75.00
    Dennis Bonvie $60.00
    Mike Bullard $80.00
    Sven Butenschon $40.00
    John Cullen $75.00
    Randy Cunneyworth $80.00
    J.J.Daigneault $40.00
    Dale Degray $30.00
    Gilbert Delorme $40.00
    Gord Dineen $40.00
    Bobby Dollas $40.00
    Bob Errey $80.00
    Greg Hawgood $50.00
    Maxim Galanov $30.00
    Tony Granato $80.00
    Tuomas Gronnman $50.00
    Rick Hayward $40.00
    Johan Hedberg $100.00
    Dennis Herron $150.00
    Todd Hlushko $50.00
    Jan Hrdina $60.00
    Mike Hudson: $50.00
    Joel Irving $40.00
    Hans Johnsson $40.00
    Chris Joseph $50.00
    Mario Larocque $40.00
    Michael Larocque $40.00
    Evgeny Lazarev $50.00
    Janne Laukkanen $60.00
    Kip Miller $50.00
    Glenn Murray $50.00
    Mike Needham $75.00
    Ed Patterson $50.00
    Brent Peterson jr $30.00
    Peter Popovic $50.00
    Dan Quinn $50.00
    Mark Recchi $150.00
    Stafan Richer $60.00
    Randy Robitaille $50.00
    Danny Sabourin $75.00
    John Slaney $50.00
    J.P. Soucy $30.00
    Jason Spence $30.00
    Mike Stapleton $80.00
    Kevin Stevens $100.00
    Martin Straka $100.00
    Olie Sundstrom $80.00
    Peter Taglianetti $75.00
    Derek Walser $40.00
    Brad Werenka $50.00
    Tyler Wright $50.00
    Zarly Zalapski $100.00

    My Most "WANTED" list. If you have something other than listed below to trade, lmk.

    Ken Wregget "Models that I don't already have."
    Craig Adams
    Petr Ahola
    Brad Aitken
    Peter Allen
    Russ Anderson
    Paul Andrea
    Lou Angotti
    Shawn Antoski
    John Arbour
    Colby Armstrong
    Chuck Arnason
    Arron Asham
    Don Awrey
    Doug Barrie
    Len Barrie
    Hank Bassen
    Andy Bathgate
    Nolan Baumgartner
    Paul Baxter
    Roger Belanger
    Harvey Bennett
    Yves Bergeron
    Larry Bignell
    Les Binkley
    Scott Bjugstad
    Bob Blackburn
    Tom Bladon
    Patrick Boileau
    Brian Bonin
    Jason Botterill
    Chris Bourque
    Pat Boutette
    Randy Boyd
    Wally Boyer
    Matt Bradley
    Michel Briere
    Andy Brown
    David Brown "goalie"
    Kelly Buchberger
    Ted Bulley
    Charlie Burns
    Robin Burns
    Dan Bylsma
    Colin Campbell
    Dave Capuano
    Luca Caputi
    Steve Cardwell
    Gene Carr
    Tom Cassidy
    Blair Chapman
    Marc Chorney
    Jeff Chychrun
    Kim Clackson
    Paul Coffey
    Rene Corbet
    Mike Corrigan
    Jacques Cossette
    Sidney Crosby
    Bruce Crowder
    Joe Daley
    Kim Davis
    Bill Dea
    Nelson Debenedet
    Dean Defazio
    Ab Demarco
    Simon Despres
    Bob Dillabough
    Michel Dion
    Justin Duberman
    Paris Duffus
    Micki Dupont
    Steve Dykstra
    Mark Eaton
    Daryl Edestrand
    Tom Edur
    Marv Edwards
    Roy Edwards
    Nils Ekman
    Patrick Ehelechner
    Bryan Erickson
    Mario Faubert
    Tony Feltrin
    George Ferguson
    Chris Ferraro
    Peter Ferraro
    Jonathan Filewich
    Rusty Fitzgerald
    Tom Fitzgerald
    Tony Feltrin
    John Flesch
    Ron Flockhart
    Bryan Fogarty
    Val Fontayne
    Bryan Ford
    Greg Fox
    Ron Francis
    Perry Ganchar
    Paul Gardner
    Rob Garner
    Steve Gatzos
    Rob Geale
    Lee Giffin
    Ed Gilbert
    Stan Gilbertson
    Bob Gladney
    Dave Goertz
    Alex Goligoski
    Sergei Gonchar
    Steve Gotaas
    Pat Graham
    Scott Gruhl
    Steve Guenette
    Nate Guennin
    Vic Hadfield
    Anders Hakansson
    Jim Hamilton
    Peter Hamrlik
    Nick Harbaruk
    Billy Harris
    Paul Harrison
    Bryan Hextall
    Bill Hicke
    Wayne Hicks
    Paul Hoganson
    Tim Horton
    Marion Hossa
    Greg Hotham
    Tim Hrynewich
    Lex Hudson
    Pat Hughes
    Dave Hunter
    Andrew Hutchinson
    Victor Ignatjev
    Irv Ingarfield
    Gary Inness
    John Jakopin
    Connor James
    Arto Javanainen
    Andreas Johansson
    Mark Johnson
    Nick Johnson
    Ed Johnston
    Stan Jonathan
    Ladislav Karabin
    Rick Kehoe
    Tyler Kennedy
    Dan Kesa
    Orest Kindrachuk
    Petr Klima
    Konstantin Koltsov
    Brad Lauer
    Doug Lesuyer
    Peter Lee
    Petteri Lehto
    Jordan Leopold
    Kristopher Letang
    Mark Letestu
    Nick Libett
    Richard Lintner
    Ross Lonsberry
    Ben Lovejoy
    Darren Lowe
    Brian Lundberg
    Ross Lupaschuk
    Gilles Lupien
    Norm Maciver
    Rick MacLeish
    Evgeni Malkin
    Greg Malone
    Kent Manderville
    Jimmy Mann
    Paul Marshal
    Dwight Mathiasen
    Alexander Mathieu
    Pat Mayer
    Gary McAdam
    Andrew McBain
    Kevin McCarthy
    Kevin McClelland
    Colin McDonald
    Joe McDonnell
    Jim McGeough
    Jay McKee
    Steve McKenna
    Marty McSorley
    Ron Meighan
    Zbynek Michalek
    Kevin Miller
    Pat Mulvey
    Larry Murphy
    Scott Myers
    Alain Nasreddine
    James Neal
    Patrick Neaton
    Brant Nicklin
    Matt Niskanen
    Ted Nolan
    Niklas Nordgren
    Roman Oksiuta
    Tom O'Regan
    Cam Paddock
    Alexandre Pechurskiy
    Andrew Penner
    Ronald Petrovicky
    Lasse Pirjeta
    Domenic Pittis
    Alex Ponikarovsky
    Corey Potter
    Pat Price
    Sean Pronger
    Boris Protsenko
    Nick Ricci
    Todd Richards
    Gary Rissling
    Gary Roberts
    Dave Roche
    Roberto Romano
    Tom Roulston
    Mike Rowe
    Mike Rupp
    Rocky Saganiuk
    Grant Sasser
    Nolan Schaefer
    Dwight Schofield
    Rod Schutt
    Rob Scuderi
    Jeff Serowik
    Charlie Simmer
    Bobby Simpson
    Wade Skolney
    Doug Smith
    Carl Sneep
    Martin Sonnenberg
    Ron Stackhouse
    Brett Sterling
    Andre St. Laurent
    Steve Sullivan
    Rich Sutter
    Petr Sykora
    Eric Tangradi
    Tony Tanti
    **** Tarnstrom
    Mark Taylor
    Greg Tebbutt
    Errol Thompson
    Chris Thorburn
    Tom Thornbury
    Tim Tookey
    Dan Trebil
    Vincent Tremblay
    Ian Turnbull
    Gary Valk
    Tim Wallace
    Wally Weir
    Ryan Whitney
    Jason Williams
    Landon Wilson
    Mitch Wilson
    Bennett Wolf
    Andy Wozniewski
    Mike Yeo

    Lmk if you have any other current or former Penguin player stick not listed above. Who knows? I might need it.

    Lmk any questions.Pics upon request.

    Lmk any questions.Pics upon request.
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    Refresh again.

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    Sanny Lindstrom

    Can you pleas send me Pictures on the Lindstrom stick?

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