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    Success Thread

    For anyone interested, a couple that I have been negligent in posting due to work, kids, the occasional home improvement project. Currently Have about 26 still in circulation waiting for their eventual return. Several more going out on 7.5.12.

    Red Wings
    -Chris Osgood: > 1 Year
    -Chris Chelios: 10 Days
    -Xavier Ouellet: 90 Days
    -Fabian Brunnstrom: 120 Days

    Wolverine Wing
    -Mike Knuble: 10 Days (Added four extra cards and inscribed the puck Go Blue!)
    -Matt Rust: 10 Days
    -Carl Hagelin: 10 Days
    -David Wholberg: 10 Days

    Team USA
    -William "Buzz" Schneider: 10 Days
    -Steve Janaszak: 10 Days
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    Hey gang,

    Long time since I've done much hobbying, wrapping up my fire academy and prepping for my medic courses...anyhow I received in the mail today a package that I sent out back in 2011. I haven't opened it yet, seeing as how my son wasn't there to open it with me. But I'm excited for 4:30 when I get home and we can checkit out together. I can't recall the specific outstandings list that we have, but I'm hoping for a big fish, i.e. Yzerman, Rafalski, Datsyuk etc...

    Hopefully everyone's new year is proving to be prosperous. I'll try to check in a bit more often.

    Recent additions:

    Jake Paterson
    Max Talbot
    Scott Hartnell
    Shawn Horcoff
    Dan Cleary
    Mike Komisarek "Wolverine Wing"
    Shane Doan (Personal favor from a friend in Phoenix)

    Out for Cicrulation:

    Seth Jones
    Garry Unger
    Nathan MacKinnon

    On Deck / Looking for Addresses:
    Braden Holtby
    Eric Nystrom "Wolverine Wing"
    Marty Turco "Wolverine Wing"
    Six remaining 1980 Hockey Team Guys (Baker, Wells, Suter, Christian, Christoff and Strobel - Wells and Christain have been circulating for ~1 year now)
    Al Sobatka
    Val Filppula
    Erik Karlsson (He should have some free time now)
    Martin St. Louis
    Keegan Lowe
    Paul Coffey

    P.S. Detroit guys, some current wings signings

    Kronwall / Howe / Brunner / Howard :
    Helm / Abdelkader:
    Holmstrom / Lidstrom:
    Larry Murphy:

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    man id my left nut to get Gordie Howe on a Wings puck and probably my right kidney for Larry Murphy

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    So, I get home this evening and open the box and it was the Chelios that I had written off (Falmouth address) over a year ago. Since that time I had written him c/o the wings and received a response. On top of that, I had won a Chelios puck from an auction at work a month prior. Add that to the one that I purchase at the Joe a couple years ago, and all of the sudden I have four Chelios pucks.

    Dingas - DC Sports offers a send in service and Howe's website offers a purchase option. It's much cheaper than a prosthetic testicle.

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    Larry Murphy

    What date is Murphy at the show?

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    It appears that he'll be at the VFW on March 10th.

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    Larry Murphy

    Are they taking mail order for Larry Murphy?

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    That I do not know. You can try calling the VFW or the promoters for more information. I will not be in town that weekend or else I'd do it for you.

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    Got another >1 year response today. Dave Christian autographed a puck and personalized it to my son. It really shows that he took his time and it came out awesome. Arched print on be top, sweet Looking drop cap signature in the sweet spot 1980 gold on the lower left.

    We are five short of be entire 1980 team. Better get myself in gear and get those last five out.

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