Hey gang.
Sitting here on the floor of my den with "the collection".
Putting some things together, organizing and adding ones into the boxes and it hits me (hope it has), get togethers for purpose of autograph trading.
Don't know if anyone has ever suggested it and if yes, has it ever worked??
I'm in the Vancouver area and know there are others on the forum that are also. Don't know how many though...
See we could use the forum here and put together meet times once and awhile to get together and trade autographs and info etc.
Not like a club or anything, I'm not really into clubs myself.
I know we all have boxes and binders full of extras and we are always asking each other on here who's got what to trade.
Probably be great for us crazy set builders and also for you even crazier collectors trying to get a graph from every player who ever played for such and such team. :).

Maybe the idea is far fetched, I don't know.
Finding a meet place ( card show, Tim Horton's, S-Buck's for you US guys I guess) may not be easy.
Finding a time everyone could get to may be difficult too.
Just a thought that popped into the head, what do you all think?