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Thread: Used NHL and minors pro player sticks for sale/trade.

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    Used NHL and minors pro player sticks for sale/trade.

    Hi. I'm a collector from the Pittsburgh area who is trying to collect one stick from every Pittsburgh Penguins player to ever put on the uniform. I'm currently at 365 out of 632 all-time Penguin players. It doesn't matter what team the stick was used for. The sticks must be full sticks "not blade inserts" and at least be taped with the players handle tape job "blade tape optional". The stick can be broken or cracked but all the parts must be there so that I can try to repair the stick. The players name must also be stamped somewhere on the stick as well. Please let me know what you have or direct me to somebody that might have a stick from any of the players listed below and thanks for looking!
    Please do not contact me unless it is about player used Penguin sticks. Let me know what you have to sell or trade but I am mainly interested in the players below. Thanks.

    New Additions:
    Matt Cooke $150.00
    Tony Granatto "Auto'd" $100.00

    Old list:
    For sale or trading for Penguin player related sticks. Doesn't matter what team stick was used for. See want list below. Thanks!

    Wayne Gretzky. Purchased from QVC many years ago. Easton shaft with blade insert auto'd. Shaft is cracking where blade fit into shaft. Not used. This is a new stick. $175.00

    Jaromir Jagr store model Koho stick. Signed on blade. $80.00

    Used sticks available:
    Ramzi Abid $60.00
    John Albert $60.00
    Jamie Allison $40.00
    J.S Aubin $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Steve Bancroft $30.00
    Frank Banham $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Brian Bellows $80.00
    Josef Beranek $50.00
    Daniel Berthaiume $80.00
    Jeff Bes $30.00
    Max Birbrayer $30.00
    James Black $30.00
    Dennis Bonvie $60.00
    Paulin Bordeleau "Coaches stick" $10.00
    Scott Boston $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Freddy Brathwaite $40.00
    Daniel Briere $125.00
    David Brosseau $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Greg Brown $50.00
    Jeff Brown (b1966) $50.00
    Rob Brown $80.00
    Illya Bryzgalov "Auto'd" $150.00
    Brendan Buckley $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Petr Budaj $80.00
    Mike Bullard $80.00 "Auto'd"
    Valeri Bure $80.00
    Marc Bureau $40.00
    Dave Burrows $150.00 "Northland archives stick"
    Sven Butenschon $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Louie Caporusso "Senators prospect" $30.00
    Jay Caufield $80.00
    Paul Cavalini $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Marco Charpentier $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Tom Chorske $80.00
    Sylvain Cote $70.00 "Auto'd"
    Adam Creighton $80.00
    John Cullen $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Randy Cunneyworth $80.00
    Mike Dagenais $45.00 "Auto'd"
    J.J.Daigneault $40.00 "Issued,Auto'd"
    Jeff Daniels $80.00
    Dale Degray $40.00 "Auto'd"
    John DelCol $30.00
    Freddy Deschenes $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Gord Dineen $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Bobby Dollas $40.00
    Gord Donnely $60.00
    Rob Dopson $80.00
    Gaetan Duchesne $75.00
    Ron Duguay $125.00
    Guy Dupuis $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Karl Dykhuis $50.00 "Have 2 of them"
    Steve Dykstra $40.00
    Dean Evason $50.00
    Pat Falloon $80.00 "Auto'd"
    Sergei Federov $100.00
    Chris Felix $30.00
    Eddie Ferhi "New Cinci Ducks issued" $20.00
    Mark Ferner $30.00
    Carl Fleury $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Greg Fox $80.00
    Maxim Galanov $30.00
    Luke Golden $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Tuomas Gronnman $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Alexei Gusarov $50.00
    Lee Hamilton $20.00
    Kelly Harper $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Casey Harris $35.00
    Kevin Hatcher $75.00
    Rick Hayward $40.00
    Todd Hlushko $50.00
    Riley Holzapfel $50.00
    Bill Houlder $40.00
    Jan Hrdina $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Mike Hudson: $50.00
    Joel Irving $30.00
    Pat Jablonski $80.00
    Bobby Jay $40.00 "New issued"
    Jeff Jackson $60.00
    Jim Johnson $60.00 "Issued,Auto'd"
    Hans Johnsson $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Chris Joseph $50.00
    Brad Jones: $50.00
    Mark Kachowski $80.00
    Steve Kelly $30.00
    Dean Kennedy $20.00
    Scot Kleinendorst $30.00
    Rick Knickle "used by Trevor Koenig" $20.00
    Kyle Kos $30.00 "Issued,Auto'd"
    Pavel Kubina $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Greg Labenski $20.00 "2 available"
    Dwight Labrosse $60.00 "Auto'd"
    Christian Laflamme $80.00
    Tom Laidlaw $60.00
    Joel Laing $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Patrick Lalime $125.00
    Marc Lamothe "New player issued" $20.00
    Seth Landry $20.00
    Mario Larocque $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Michael Larocque $40.00
    Janne Laukkanen $60.00
    Kevin Lavallee: $60.00
    Evgeny Lazarev $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Brian Leitza $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Francois Leroux $50.00 "Issued, Auto'd"
    Doug Lidster $50.00
    Sanny Lindstrom $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Craig Ludwig $80.00
    Paul Macdermid $30.00
    Jason MacDonald $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Dave MacIsaac $40.00
    Tyler MacKay $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Pete Mahovlich $100.00 "Northland archive stick"
    Stuart Malgunas $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Greg Malone $60.00 "Northland archive stick"
    Steve Maltais $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Moe Mantha $150.00 "Auto'd"
    Daniel Marois $50.00
    Chris McAlister $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Mike McBain $20.00
    Bryan McCabe $60.00
    Sandy McCarthy $80.00
    Al McDonough $100.00
    Kelly Miller $60.00
    Kip Miller $50.00
    Freddy Modin $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Ville Nieminen $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Teppo Numminen $125.00 "Early Montreal brand stick from Winnipeg"
    Adam Oates "Oates store model stick, autographed" $50.00
    Jimmie Olvestad $30.00
    Michelle Ouellet $75.00
    Sandy Ozolinch $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Brad Palmer $60.00
    Ryan Parent $60.00 "Auto'd"
    Richard Park $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Val Passarelli $20.00
    Ed Patterson $50.00
    Rob Pearson $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Mark Pederson $40.00
    Eric Perrin $80.00 "Auto'd"
    Toby Petersen $75.00 "Auto'd"
    Brent Peterson jr $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Michel Petit $40.00
    Domenic Pittis $60.00
    Michael Pivonka $40.00
    Peter Popovic $50.00
    Wayne "Elvis" Presley $80.00
    J.R. Prestifilippo $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Jamie Pushor $60.00 Auto'd"
    Bruce Racine: $50.00 "Issued,Auto'd"
    Joe Reekie $80.00
    Jeff Reese $60.00 "Issued,Auto'd"
    Damian Rhodes $75.00
    Stafan Richer $60.00
    Bobby Rouse $40.00
    Jarkko Ruutu: $80.00
    Steve Sabo $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Danny Sabourin $60.00 "Auto'd"
    Tomas Sandstrom $100.00
    Everett Sanipass $50.00
    Jeff Schantz $80.00 "Auto'd"
    Norm Schmidt $60.00
    John Slaney $60.00 "Auto'd"
    J.P. Soucy $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Jason Spence $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Corey Spring $15.00
    Mike Stapleton $80.00
    Kevin Stevens $125.00 "Auto'd"
    Olie Sundstrom $80.00
    Ken Sutton $40.00
    Alexsander Svitov $30.00
    Peter Svoboda $80.00
    Peter Taglianetti $75.00 "Issued,Auto'd"
    Chris Terreri $40.00 "New issued"
    Chris Therien $60.00
    K.C. Timmons $30.00 "Auto'd"
    Leonoid Toropchenko $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Mike Valley $50.00 "Auto'd"
    Steve Vezina "New Sher-Wood stick" $10.00
    Steve Wagner $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Derek Walser $40.00 "Auto'd"
    Brad Werenka $50.00
    Erick Wessenberg $100.00 "Phantoms team signed calder cup team"
    Cody Wild "Name stamped (Big Poppa Pump)" $80.00
    Craig Wolanin $40.00
    Tyler Wright $50.00
    Wendell Young $150.00
    George Zajankala $40.00
    Zarly Zalapski $100.00
    Alexandre Zevakhine $50.00 "Auto'd"

    Stick Blade inserts:
    Dave Chyzowski "signed" $25.00
    Dave Chyzowski $20.00
    Steve Dubinsky $20.00
    Karl Dykhuis $20.00
    Ivan Droppa $20.00
    Mark Osborne $30.00
    Dave Tippett $25.00
    Pierre Sevigny $20.00
    Gregg Hawgood $25.00
    Chris Dahlquist $25.00
    Radek Bonk $30.00
    Stewart Malgunas $20.00
    Mike Ridley $20.00
    Bobby Carpenter $40.00
    Joe Murphy $20.00
    Igor Korolev $20.00
    Troy Loney $40.00
    Peter Ciavaglia $20.00
    Steve McKenna $30.00
    Steven Finn $20.00
    Paul Mara $20.00
    Jeff Shevalier $20.00
    Eduard Pershin $20.00
    Evgeny Tsybouk $20.00
    Chris Herperger $20.00
    Matt Eldred $15.00
    Gordie Dwyer $20.00
    Travis Brigley $20.00
    Gilbert Dionne $30.00
    Kaspars Ashtashenko $20.00
    Brent Peterson $15.00
    Jiri Slegr $30.00
    Sylvain Turgeon $30.00
    Ravil Gusmanov $20.00
    Mark Greig $20.00
    Pat Verbeek $40.00
    Neil Wilkinson $20.00
    Ed Patterson $25.00
    Dave Karpa $25.00
    Rob Dimaio $20.00
    Alex Skopintsev $20.00
    Sergei Klimovich $20.00
    Jakub Ficenec $30.00
    Dimitri Afanasenkov $20.00
    Kory Karlander $20.00
    Dmitri Yuskevich $30.00
    Jim Leger $15.00
    Jan Sulc $15.00
    Mike Prokopek $20.00
    Jeff Paul $20.00

    ECHL team signed sticks. Acquired from former Johnstown Chiefs EQ manager Dana Heinze, these are sticks from the mid 90's and are signed by most or all of the team members from each team that came through the war memorial back then. Pics available upon request. These are on new sticks, not game used. Team signed sticks are $30.00 or all 13 for 300.00

    Dayton Bombers
    Nashville Knights
    Columbus Chill
    Hampton Roads Admirals
    Tallahassee Tigersharks
    Huntingdon Blizzard
    Wheeling Thunderbirds
    Erie Panthers
    Raleigh Icecaps
    Knoxville Cherokees
    Roanoke Express
    Toledo Storm

    Raleigh Icecaps

    My Most "WANTED" list. If you have something other than listed below to trade, lmk.

    Ken Wregget "Models that I don't already have."
    Peter Ahola
    Brad Aitken
    Peter Allen
    Paul Andrea
    Lou Angotti
    Shawn Antoski
    John Arbour
    Chuck Arnason
    Don Awrey
    Doug Barrie
    Len Barrie
    Hank Bassen
    Andy Bathgate
    Roger Belanger
    Beau Bennett
    Harvey Bennett
    Yves Bergeron
    Larry Bignell
    Scott Bjugstad
    Bob Blackburn
    Tom Bladon
    Patrick Boileau
    Leo Boivin
    Robert Bortuzzo
    Zach Boychuk
    Randy Boyd
    Wally Boyer
    Matt Bradley
    Michel Briere
    Andy Brown
    Ted Bulley
    Charlie Burns
    Robin Burns
    Colin Campbell
    Luca Caputi
    Steve Cardwell
    Gene Carr
    Tom Cassidy
    Jeff Chychrun
    Kim Clackson
    Rene Corbet
    Mike Corrigan
    Jacques Cossette
    Sidney Crosby
    Joe Daley
    Kim Davis
    Billy Dea
    Nelson DeBenedet
    Dean DeFazio
    Simon Despres
    Matt D'Agostini
    Bob Dillabough
    Justin Duberman
    Micki Dupont
    Steve Durbano
    Darryl Edestrand
    Tom Edur
    Marv Edwards
    Roy Edwards
    Nils Ekman
    Mario Faubert
    Tony Feltrin
    George Ferguson
    Jonathan Filewich
    Rusty Fitzgerald
    John Flesch
    Bryan Fogarty
    Val Fonteyne
    Brian Ford
    Paul Gardner
    Rob Garner
    Steve Gatzos
    Rob Geale
    Ed Gilbert
    Bob Gladney
    Dave Goertz
    Steve Gotaas
    Pat Graham
    Steve Guenette
    Nate Guenin
    Vic Hadfield
    Anders Hakansson
    Jim Hamilton
    Nick Harbaruk
    Billy Harris
    Shawn Heins
    Bryan Hextall
    Bill Hicke
    Wayne Hicks
    Andy Hilbert
    Paul Hoganson
    Tim Horton
    Greg Hotham
    Lex Hudson
    Pat Hughes
    Dave Hunter
    Matt Hussey
    Andrew Hutchinson
    Jerome Iginla
    Victor Ignatjev
    John Jakopin
    Connor James
    Arto Javanainen
    Mathias Johansson
    Bob Johnson
    Nick Johnson
    Jussi Jokinen
    Stan Jonathan
    Ron Jones
    Ladislav Karabin
    Dan Kesa
    Rick Kessell
    Orest Kindrachuk
    Chuck Kobasew
    Konstantin Koltsov
    George Konik
    Yvon Labre
    Pete Laframboise
    Jean-Guy Legace
    Ron Lalonde
    Ted Lanyon
    Brad Lauer
    Bill LaCaine
    Doug Lecuyer
    Guillaume Lefebvre
    Petteri Lehto
    Bob Leiter
    Jordan Leopold
    Kristopher Letang
    Mark Letestu
    Richard Lintner
    Ross Lonsberry
    Ben Lovejoy
    Darren Lowe
    Bernie Lukowich
    Brian Lundberg
    Ross Lupaschuk
    Gilles Lupien
    Jack Lynch
    Steve Lyon
    Olli Maatta
    Lowell MacDonald
    Norm Maciver
    Rick MacLeish
    Al MacNeil
    Kent Manderville
    Paul Marshal
    Dwight Mathiasen
    **** Mattiussi
    Pat Mayer
    Gary McAdam
    Andrew McBain
    Dunc McCallum
    Kevin McClelland
    Keith McCreary
    Ab McDonald
    Colin McDonald
    Joe McDonnell
    Jim McGeough
    Brian McKenzie
    Mike McMahon
    Bob McManamma
    Marty McSorley
    Mike Meeker
    Jayson Megna
    Ron Meighan
    Hartland Manahan
    Jim Morrison
    Lew Morrison
    Brenden Morrow
    Glenn Mulvenna
    Paul Mulvey
    Doug Murray
    Alain Nasreddine
    James Neal
    Patrick Neaton
    Todd Nelson
    Cam Newton
    Matt Niskanen
    Ted Nolan
    Niklas Nordgren
    Joe Noris
    Hank Nowak
    Cal O'Reilly
    Roman Oksiuta
    Dennis Owchar
    Mel Pearson
    Alexandre Pechurskiy
    Jamme Pesonen
    Ronald Petrovicky
    Lasse Pirjeta
    Steve Poapst
    Alexei Ponikarovsky
    Corey Potter
    Kelly Pratt
    Tracy Pratt
    Noel Price
    Pat Price
    Tom Price
    Jean Pronovost
    Greg Redquest
    Dylan Reese
    Nick Ricci
    Gary Rissling
    Bobby Rivard
    Rene Robert
    Gary Roberts
    Tom Roulston
    Mike Rowe
    Michael Rupp
    Rocky Saganiuk
    Mikael Saamuelsson
    Grant Sasser
    Ken Schinkel
    Dwight Schofield
    Dave Schultz
    Jeff Serowik
    Eddie Shack
    Jim Shires
    Zack Sill
    Bobby Simpson
    Pavel Skrbek
    Al Smith
    Doug Smith
    Nathan Smith
    Trevor Smith
    Ron Snell
    Ted Snell
    Martin Sonnenberg
    Bill Speer
    Brian Spencer
    Andre St. Laurent
    Brett Sterling
    Bob Stewart
    John Stewart
    Karl Stewart
    Ryan Stone
    Art Stratton
    Martin Strbak
    Bob Stumpf
    Steve Sullivan
    Brandon Sutter
    Garry Swain
    George Swarbrick
    Petr Sykora
    Dale Tallon
    **** Tarnstrom
    Bobby Taylor
    Greg Tebbutt
    Errol Thompson
    Chris Thorburn
    Tom Thornbury
    Jeff Toms
    Dan Trebil
    Vincent Tremblay
    Ian Turnbull
    Gene Ubriaco
    Tim Wallace
    Wally Weir
    Jim Wiley
    Barry Wilkins
    Jason Williams
    Dunc Wilson
    Landon Wilson
    Mitch Wilson
    Bennett Wolf
    Bob Woytowich
    Rod Zaine
    Jeff Zatkoff

    Sticks that I would like an upgrade of:

    Tim Brent
    Randy Carlyle
    Blair Chapman
    Paul Coffey
    Chris Ferraro
    Peter Ferraro
    Corey Foster
    Stan Gilbertson
    Tim Hrynewich
    Earl Ingarfield
    Andreas Johansson
    Rick Kehoe
    J-Bob Kelly
    Nick Libett
    Kevin Miller "Wooden stick"
    Larry Murphy
    Petr Nedved
    Simon Nolet
    Lyle Odelein
    Duane Rupp
    Rich Sutter "Wooden stick"
    Tony Tanti
    Jocelyn Thibault
    Garry Valk

    Lmk if you have any other current or former Penguin player stick not listed above. Who knows? I might need it.
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    Game Used Sticks for sale

    Hi there!
    Are the Gilbert Delorme, Sebastien Bordeleau and Patrick Lebeau sticks still available for sale? If so can you send a pic?

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