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Thread: !* Rare old and new Russian cards - KHL, World Sport, Sport collection etc - SCANS *!

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    !* Rare old and new Russian cards - KHL, World Sport, Sport collection etc - SCANS *!

    Hi to all!

    Got a good bunch of rare Russian cards in a good shape (totally 700+ cards!!!) - check these links and let me know what you like.

    Also have

    - Complete KHL sets - all years starting from 2010-11 (Master set, including all game jerseys!!!) and till the latest
    - Complete World Sport sets. Just let me know which you need (team russia, junior team russia, larionov farewell game, fetisov farewell game, legion, back to Russia etc)
    - rare Sport collection sets, including Olympic Torino and extremely rare set of russian players in NHL (which never benn produced in North American cards - like Grigorenko in Detroit and others)
    - autos and gj cards from ITG Heroes and Prospects - almost all years, just let me know who or what you need. Also have some complete logos (1/1), complete jerseys etc
    - sealed case (12 boxes) of DEL 2001-02 (German League) cards, as well as single boxes
    - complete sets of swiss, czech, sweden, german, finish leagues - various years, including single base cards and inserts
    - complete sticker sets of world championships, including extremely rare Panini 1981 and Panini 1982 world championships!!!

    What i need/collect:
    - i can sell but prefer to trade for something from this list:
    - team Russia-USSR rare GJ and AU cards, especially 1/1 cards (any players starting from Kharlamov, Tretiak, Mikhailov, Yakushev, Krutov< Myshkin, Mylnikov and till Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Bryzgalov etc)
    - rare cards of Sergei Fedorov, Teemu Selanne, Evgeny Malkin, Igor Larionov - especially 1/1 cards from NHL sets (or ITG)
    - complete european sets - all leagues and years
    - complete international sets of card (KIEKKO93, SEMIC94, GLOBE95, WIEN96, ITG International Ice 2006-07 and any other, Looking for complete base, autographs and any jersey sets)
    - complete international sets of stickers - swedish sets from 1960s and 1970s, panini WC sets from 1980s and 1990s
    - cards of russian born and ex-USSR republics born players from minor league sets - all years

    Thanks for the long reading and let me know what you can use from me and what do you have for me!

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    Petr Kalus

    Do you have any Russian cards for Petr Kalus?
    He played in Russia for Balashikha MVD HC in 2008-09
    He also played for Modo Hockey Ornskoldsvik in the SEL.

    Please contact me on if you can help.

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