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Thread: North American players going to Europe

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    North American players going to Europe


    I'm looking for the list of players who play on this site of the Atlantic who goes in Europe for the next season.

    I already know the situation of 2 of them:

    Glen Metropolit (Washington-NHL, Portland-AHL) & Sami Helenius (Dallas-NHL) ---> Jokerit, Finland.

    Some others?

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    Chris Herperger (Atlanta) -> Krefeld Pinguins (DEL)
    Mark Greig (Philadelphia) -> Hamburg Freezers (DEL)
    Darren van Impe (Columbus) -> Hamburg Frezers (DEL)
    Paul Manning (Columbus) -> Hamburg Freezers (DEL)
    Micki DuPont (Calgary) -> Berlin Polar Bears (DEL)
    Denis Pederson (Nashville) -> Berlin Polar Bears (DEL)
    Cameron Mann (Nashville) -> ERC Ingolstadt (DEL)

    I think these are all players who came to Germany and had played NHL last year (some with or without NHL-expericence came also from the AHL to Germany)

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    Add Bob Wren to that list.

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    He didin't play NHL last year ;)

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    They aren't all NHL players but they played in North America last year (AHL,ECHL)

    Peter Podhrasky(Ana) Czech Republic
    Frederic Olausson(Ana) Sweden
    Jonathan Hedstrom(Ana) Sweden
    Andreas Karlsson(Atl) Switzerland
    Per Svarvadet(Atl) Sweden
    Norm Maracle(Atl) Russia
    Chris Kelleher(Bos) Switzerland
    Jarno Kultanen(Bos) Finland
    Radoslav Hecl(Buf) Slovakia
    Peter Ratchuk(Buf) Germany
    Jaroslav Kristek(Buf) Czech Republic
    Miroslav Satan(Buf) Slovakia (waiting...)
    Mike Martin(Cal) Russia
    Greg Kuznik(Car) England
    Tommy Westlund(Car) Sweden
    Kaspars Astashenko(Car) Latavia
    Dimitri Tolkunov(Chi) Russia
    Sami Helenius(Chi) Finland
    Matt Henderson(Chi) Germany
    Jeff Shantz(Col) Switzerland
    Eric Bertrand(Col) Germany
    Darren Van Impe(Colu) Germany
    Jean-François Labbe(Colu) Russia
    Hannes Hyvonen(Colu) Finland
    Paul Manning(Colu) Germany
    Corey Hirsh(Dal) Germany
    Jim Montgomery(Dal) Russia
    Davd Gosselin(Dal) Germany
    Alexei Komarov(Dal) Russia
    Bryan Adams(Det) Germany
    Dimitri Bykov(Det) Russia
    Stacy Roest(Det) Switzerland
    Kari Haakana(Edm) Sweden
    Tyrone Garner(Flo) Germany
    Jeff Toms(Flo) Russia
    Mikko Eloranto(Los) Finland
    Jamie Stoor(Los) Russia
    Ladislav Benysek(Min) Finland
    Lubomir Sekeras(Min) Russia
    Hnat Dominechelli(Min) Switzerland
    Jean-Guy Trudel(Min) Switzerland
    Mathieu Descoteaux(Mon) Finland
    Eric Landry(Mon) Switzerland
    Jonas Andersson(Nas) England
    Bryan Lundbohm(Nas) Germany
    Cameron Mann(Nas) Germany
    Denis Pedeson(Nas) Germany
    Oleg Petrov(Nas) Switzerland
    Vitali Yamchenev(Nas) Russia
    Oleg Tverdovsky(NJ) Russia
    Ken Sutton(NJ) Germany
    Vladimir Chebatrukin(NYR) Russia
    Ales Pisa(NYR) Russia
    Toni Dahlman(Ott) Finland
    Brad Smyth(Ott) Russia
    Bob Wren(Ott) Germany
    Joe Murphy(Ott) Finland
    Mark Greig(Phi) Germany
    Ladislav Kohn(Phi) Fnland
    Peter Fabus(Pho) Czech Republic
    Mathias Johansson(Pit) Sweden
    Rob Tallas(Pit) Finland
    Mikki DuPont(Pit) Germany
    Richard Linter(Pit) Sweden
    Jason Dawe(STL) Finland
    Morgan Warren(Tor) Germany
    John Craighead(Vanc) England
    Chris Herperger(Vanc) Germany
    Dennis Martynyuk(Vanc) Russia
    Peter Skudra(Vanc) Russia
    Jason Kurtz(Vanc) Germany
    Dimitri Yushkevich(Was) Russia
    Glen Metropolit(Was) Finland
    Andreas Salmonsson(Was) Sweden

    I hope this will help you but Idon't have the team and the leagues

    If you want more information go to

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    John craighead joined Nottingham Panthers in the British Elite league

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    Hans Jonsson (Pit) Sweden
    Dale Clarke (Stl) Finland
    Dixon Ward (NYR)Switzerland

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    Trevor Sherban now with Amsterdam Tigers
    Roman Marakhoviski now with Villard de Lans in France
    Scott Farrell now with Geleen Eaters in Amsterdam

    Hope this helps

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