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Thread: Goal horns

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    Goal horns

    Which team has the best goal horn?

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    Oct 2001
    Halifax,NS, Canada
    The old one at the Aud in Buffalo

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    May 2003
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    San Jose's deep foghorn is very befitting of the foggy atmosphere of the bay area. It can vibrate the floor a bit.

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    dallas's is plain annoying

    i like it though

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    calgary and vancouver both have great goal horns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lidstrom8
    calgary and vancouver both have great goal horns
    clagary is awesome

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    Sharks Goal Horn

    The Sharks IMO have the best goal Horn followed close by buffalos

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    Oh man I am a huge fan of the old Flyer's goal horn. I don't like the new one too much but the old one was freakin awesome.

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    Steeler Steve Guest
    What is the best website for NHL goal horns. I would like to download some. However I can not seem to find any.

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    Gflamesg Guest

    Where to get some great horns

    Hi, just in case anybody was wondering, I have made an extremely accurate horn and song for each team in the NHL, and I am updating the horns for 2005 - 2006. To download the horns, please go to:

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    Old Chicago Stadium

    Nothing is better then the organ at the old Chicago Stadium. I don't like the Hawks but they had the best goal horn.

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    Bertuzzi Guest
    I gotta go with edmondton's goal horn
    very high pitch its awsome

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