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2002-03 Ohio State Buckeyes Checklist

This set was handed out at a game in December 2002. The cards were originally in a perforated sheet, and are a smaller size than normal. The cards are unnumbered and are listed below in alphabetical order. One card exists with all the freshman on the team pictured.
# Description
1 Doug Andress
2 Daymen Rycroft
3 Mike Betz
4 J.B. Bittner
5 Peter Broccoli
6 Paul Caponigri
7 Miguel LaFleche
8 Scott May
9 Chris Olsgard
10 Luke Pavlas
11 Eric Skaug
12 Lee Spector
13 Dave Steckel
14 Scott Titus
15 R.J. Umberger
16 Thomas Welsh
17 Reed Whiting
18 John Markell [Head Coach]
19 Brutus Buckeye [Mascot]
20 Nate Guenin [Freshmen]
20 Ryan Kesler [Freshmen]
20 Dave Caruso [Freshmen]
20 Dan Knapp [Freshmen]
20 Rod Pelley [Freshmen]