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Baltimore Orioles [EHL] all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the Baltimore Orioles. The Baltimore Orioles were a hockey team playing in the Eastern Hockey League from 1933 to 1942. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 123 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
Walter Alarie100001935-19361RMontreal, PQMinor Pro
Bruno Andrick800021934-19351 Minor Pro
Gerry Archambault000001941-19421 Minor Pro
Maurice Archambault000001941-19421 Minor Pro
Larry Archambeault1802241938-19402L1919-02-22Aylmer, PQMinor Pro
Borden Armstrong000001936-19371L Minor Pro
John Astle000001936-19371 Minor Pro
Walter Babey000001940-19411L1921-08-30Winnipeg, MANMinor Pro
Clarence "Dick" Behling56141125261936-19382D1915-03-16Kitchener, ONTMajor League
Gil Benson15981741937-19381 Minor Pro
George Boll539716191938-19402D Minor Pro
Fraser "Frank" Bowman000001941-19421DMinor Pro
Henri "Red" Bracconier21448191933-19341DPittsburgh, PAMinor Pro
Mario "Swatso" Bregoli1421361935-19361LWest Springfield, MAMinor Pro
Vern Buckles1053862100321933-19373L Minor Pro
Bill Burke100001937-19381 Minor Pro
Larry "Dutch" Cain47022651934-19362 Minor Pro
Mel Caldwell428210181937-19381 Minor Pro
Norm Calladine51868216841938-19402C1916-01-01Peterborough, ONTMajor League
Frank Ceryance000001940-19411GEveleth, MNMinor Pro
Andy Chakowski044458901941-19421L1920-07-19Canmore, ALTAMinor Pro
Lolly Christensen249514141933-19341 Minor Pro
Alvin Cooke000001936-19371 Minor Pro
Don Coughlin000001940-19411LPeterboro, ONTMinor Pro
Gregg "Collie" Coulson2045921935-19361 Minor Pro
Alvin Cour1452701935-19361 Minor Pro
Walter Danielson2310313121933-19341 Minor Pro
Ab DeMarco56252752121937-19381C1916-05-10North Bay, ONTMajor League
Jimmy Devine000001941-19421 Minor Pro
Bob Dill000001940-19411D1920-04-25St. Paul, MNMajor League
Roy Dupuis54303461936-19382DCornwall, ONTMinor Pro
Jack Dyte000001939-19412D1918-10-13New Liskeard, ONTMajor League
George Filion901141935-19361 Minor Pro
Meyer Flett000001941-19421DThree Hills, ALTAMinor Pro
Edward "Bud" Foley029457401941-19421DEdmonton, ALTAMinor Pro
Bob Forster000001938-19391G Minor Pro
Wink Foulis300001933-19341 Minor Pro
Jack Fritz1013441938-19391 Minor Pro
Charles Good14481221937-19422C Minor Pro
Ab Grant100001937-19381 Minor Pro
Bob Greig52263662121938-19391 Minor Pro
Frank Gresnick000001941-19421D1914-03-01Raymbaultown, MIMinor Pro
George Grigor000001939-19412C1916-09-03Edinburgh, ScotlandMajor League
Mel Harwood000001933-19363G Minor Pro
Johnny Herculson500001933-19341G Minor Pro
Bob Houghton000001938-19391G Minor Pro
Fred Hunt031376801939-19401R1917-01-17Brantford, ONTMajor League
Bob Jeremiah16718171934-19351RLexington, MAMinor Pro
Mike "Bud" Kashner142101261937-19381DBarrie, ONTMinor Pro
Stan Kawalski000001936-19371 Minor Pro
Omer Kelly000001938-19402G Minor Pro
Herb Keough2434741933-19363 Minor Pro
Ken Kipp941521935-19372 Minor Pro
Bobby Koche000001941-19421Calgary, ALTAMinor Pro
Ray "Curly" Kohlman1313451934-19351F, MIMinor Pro
George Koivuniemi000001941-19421 Minor Pro
Stanley Kowalski000001936-19371Kitchener, ONTMinor Pro
Phil LaBatte16011301934-193511911-07-05Minneapolis, MNMinor Pro
Wib Landymore8011151938-19391 Minor Pro
John Lapointe36224171933-19392 Minor Pro
Frank Laurich306410181934-19362 Minor Pro
Walter Lawlor1710101935-19361Charlottetown, PEIMinor Pro
Bobby Lee44192140491934-19362C1911-12-28Verdun, PQMinor Pro
Gordon Lee000001935-19372G Minor Pro
Creighton Lowther95313465161937-19392LAmherst, NSMinor Pro
Irving Mackie20022121935-19361DStanley Bridge, PEIMinor Pro
George Marshall55131326451937-19381 Minor Pro
Russ Martin700001933-19392 Minor Pro
Lloyd Matheson100001937-19381 Minor Pro
Reds McClure000001941-19421 Minor Pro
Doug McDonald85364783171936-19382 Minor Pro
Ab McDougall034437701941-19421R1920-02-18Calgary, ALTAMinor Pro
Bill Meloche703301938-19391CMontreal, PQMinor Pro
Bill Moe000001940-19411D1916-10-02Danvers, MAMajor League
??? Moylan000001933-19341 Minor Pro
Harry Nichol000001936-19371 Minor Pro
Percy Nichol000001939-19401 Minor Pro
Al Papike1422481934-19351D1917-02-15Eveleth, MNMinor Pro
Joe Papike207310101934-19351REveleth, MNMajor League
Vince Papike44401858161933-19352Minor Pro
Ken Partis000001940-19411C1922-12-06Kingston, ONTMinor Pro
B.B. Perrault200001938-19391 Minor Pro
John Phillips46211031141933-19363 Minor Pro
Phil Piche000001940-19422CPortneuf, PQMinor Pro
Eddie Powers000001939-19401 Minor Pro
George "Pud" Quirk17246121934-19351Detroit, MIMinor Pro
Pat Reilly19000301933-19341Chicopee, MAMinor Pro
Jack Riley20791621938-19424R1919-06-14Toronto, ONTMinor Pro
Carl Ripley109222446311937-19414CAmherst, NSMinor Pro
Frank Ripley93681451937-19392 Minor Pro
Guy Roach000001939-19412D1919-10-02Toronto, ONTMinor Pro
Barry Robillard15213151935-19361 Minor Pro
Roy Roche000001941-19421GWinnipeg, MANMinor Pro
??? Rodwell4000121933-19341 Minor Pro
??? Rosar100001938-19391 Minor Pro
Bev Scott21022161935-19361 Minor Pro
Marty Sheridan40213271937-19381 Minor Pro
Harvey "Whip" Shortt700001938-19391 Minor Pro
Morden "Ducky" Skinner033437601941-19421R1916-07-19Selkirk, MANMinor Pro
Biff Smith000001941-19421 Minor Pro
Clarence Smith1610121933-19341 Minor Pro
Ed Somers31314101933-19352 Minor Pro
Russell Spensely1302241938-19391 Minor Pro
William Splaine3032581935-19361 Minor Pro
John Squarebriggs1937782159181935-19394Charlottetown, PEIMinor Pro
Chet "Windy" Steele395712121935-19361R Minor Pro
Clarence "Windy" Steele50474087331936-19382Summerside, PEIMinor Pro
Henry Teroux000001941-19421 Minor Pro
Alex Todd2621321935-19361 Minor Pro
Andy Toth216511101934-19351 Minor Pro
Fred Toth767613361936-19393 Minor Pro
Aud Tuten53139221091938-19391D1915-01-14Enterprise, ALMajor League
Jack Tuten18246271938-19402DMelville, SASKMinor Pro
Frank "Chink" Ulasich42121224231933-19352 Minor Pro
James Utman801121935-19392 Minor Pro
Ned Vitarelli47152944311938-19424 Minor Pro
John "Chick" Webster024376101940-19411C1920-11-03Toronto, ONTMajor League
Jack Whittaker33639521935-19361L1913-03-29Calumet, MIMinor Pro
George Wilitlock1100021935-19361 Minor Pro
??? Willard100001935-19361 Minor Pro
Bob Williams000001936-19371 Minor Pro
Pat Wilson42437121938-19391D1918-09-26Toronto, ONTMinor Pro
Ike Woods29268321934-19362 Minor Pro

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.