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Edmonton Movers all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the Edmonton Movers. The Edmonton Movers were a hockey team playing in the Alberta Junior Hockey League from 1966 to 1972. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 44 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
Brian Banks000001970-19711G Junior A (Canada)
Ted Barrie000001966-19671D Junior A (Canada)
Ross Barros4882735761970-19722DSemi-Professional
Dave Bell48143549621971-19721 College-University
Bob Bidney26101323751970-19722 Junior A (Canada)
Blair Burgess4871724331971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Ken Burrows000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Ted Buttrey000001966-19671C Junior A (Canada)
Kevin Cadger000001966-19671D Junior A (Canada)
Al Cameron000001966-19671C1948-09-24Edmonton, ALTAMinor Pro
Steve Carlyle000001966-19671D1950-03-10Blackfalds, ALTAMajor League
Doug Clark000001970-19711 College-University
Brian Clouston4622729581971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Clint Coultman000001966-19671R Junior A (Canada)
Bob Cutler000001970-19711 Junior A (Canada)
Greg Dolsky000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Terry Dube000001966-19671C Junior A (Canada)
Terry Ewasiuk473518531041971-19721L1953-10-26Smoky Lake, ALTAMinor Pro
Gord Gamble000001970-19711 Major Junior
Jim Gerrard000001970-19711 Junior A (Canada)
Laurent Guenette46131225231971-19721 Major Junior
Mel Gushattey000001970-19711 Minor Pro
Milt Hohol000001966-19671R1948-06-12Edmonton, ALTAMinor Pro
Sean Hughes000001970-19711 Junior A (Canada)
Wilf Kettle000001966-19671G Junior A (Canada)
Steve Knight0111728311971-19721 Junior A (Canada)
Tom "Swede" Knox000001966-19671L Junior A (Canada)
Lynal Kopp000001966-19671G Junior A (Canada)
Ken Leibel000001966-19671DMinor Pro
Ken LeLacheur000001970-19711 Junior A (Canada)
Rick LeLacheur000001966-19671R1948-08-25Edmonton, ALTASemi-Professional
Brian Mann000001970-19711 Major Junior
Barry McLaughlin000001970-19711 Junior A (Canada)
Ray Melnyk000001966-19671LMinor Pro
Jim Miller33171633251970-19722WEdmonton, ALTACollege-University
Danny Moore000001966-19682D Junior A (Canada)
Brian Rimmer000001970-19711G Junior A (Canada)
Peter Skrabyk40242650441970-19722 Junior A (Canada)
Rusty Stevens000001966-19671L Junior A (Canada)
Ron Williams000001966-19671L1948-12-24Edmonton, ALTAMinor Pro
Hal Willis000001966-19671D1946-06-08Liverpool, NSMajor League
Craig Wolansky000001970-19711 Junior A (Canada)
Grant Wyton000001967-19681 Junior A (Canada)
Wayne Zuk000001966-19671F1949-10-29Prince Albert, SASKMajor League

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.