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Ottawa Senators [CCHL] all-time player roster

This is a list of all the players that played for the Ottawa Senators. The Ottawa Senators were a hockey team playing in the Central Canada Hockey League from 1979 to 1989. This list is accurate for most teams, but for some obscure teams the list may be partial. We have found 125 players.
Player NameGPGA.PtsPIMSeasonsYrs.Pos.BirthdateBirthplaceHighest Level
Peter Ambroziak100001987-19881W1971-09-15Kanata, ONTMajor League
Ian Baele13213331987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Marc Baker41221840351985-19861Junior A (Canada)
Shaun Banys34000201985-19861G Junior A (Canada)
Salam Barakat28224321987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Bisson4911516961984-19851D1968-05-24Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Richard Blakey15336261987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Alain Bolduc3213132681985-19861Junior A (Canada)
Duane Bonadie201101988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Curtis Bourne530321987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Jacques Brault1501101984-19851G1967-01-01Ottawa, ONTMajor Junior
Daniel Brazeau18131326351984-19851Major Junior
Alain Brown8134101988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Randy Budge3581119561987-19881Junior A (Canada)
Jacques Carisse100001984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Todd Carriere11144921361041987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Phil Carter91835431741984-19862Junior A (Canada)
Louis Chabot122950591831984-19883Junior A (Canada)
David Chapman100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Joel Charbonneau9325171987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Chestnut53832401281984-19851College-University
Denis Chouinard2094131601987-19892L1969-10-09Gloucester, ONTMajor Junior
Jason Clement100021987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Victor Colantronio12628691987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Phil Comtois3401121987-19892GOttawa, ONTCollege-University
Jim Congdon5101141984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Wayne Cryderman53726331651985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
John Cutler227613411988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Dalekos78352257911984-19862Junior A (Canada)
Rob Daly6022224441984-19862Junior A (Canada)
J.P. Darragh18224251985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Marc Davis47121527881984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Jerrett DeFazio546447111281987-19881L1971-06-09Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Jacques Denis100021985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Luc Deschamps100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Terry Deugo9077161984-19851Major Junior
Kevin Dickey8033411987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Andrew Dickson109711191901601987-19892C1970-07-28Almonte, ONTMinor Pro
Mario Duguay5001212651988-19891 Major Junior
Sean Ellacott8134281985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
John Emond2111415261984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Jay Evershed22000291988-19891G Major Junior
Stephano Falsetto232571611987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Troy Finch2591423721987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Jason Firth533987126651987-19881C1971-03-29Dartmouth, NSMinor Pro
Mike Fleming1231215241979-19801 Junior A (Canada)
Marc Franche12101581988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Dan Francoeur13011141988-19891 Major Junior
Craig Fraser54121426861988-19891L1972-02-17Ottawa, ONTMajor Junior
Tom Goddard200021985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Dean Goudreau6448611091091984-19862Junior A (Canada)
Bob Gould101101988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Carl Greenhous200001988-19891D1972-10-28Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Russ Hammond1119586181901987-19892FOttawa, ONTCollege-University
Kent Hawley541937561191984-19851C1968-02-20Kingston, ONTMinor Pro
Ken Heinrich57121830891987-19892 College-University
Matt Hendricks225914161984-19851Major Junior
Kelly Hodgins5319101111988-19891Junior A (Canada)
Glenn Holtslander48211131221985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Jeff Hough54223961941985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Rob Hudson7544571011341984-19862L1967-09-23Gloucester, ONTMajor Junior
Robin Hughes1031461985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Paul Hussar4351823361984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Mike Keogh29257861988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Marc Lajeunesse1023648841001984-19862Junior A (Canada)
Sylvain Lalonde30106161651988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Pierre Langlois521148591811987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Alain Latreille39192948631984-19862F1965-12-15Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Roch Latreille200021985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Bill Laurin113077601984-19883GJunior A (Canada)
Chris Lavallee7000371985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Denis Lavergne300001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Lawrence401101988-19891 Minor Pro
Mike Leblanc9112121985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Richard Leighton100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Jean Lepine5022101984-19851College-University
Andre Leroux4571623791984-19882Junior A (Canada)
Marc Levac10112181985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
John Macintosh509918721985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Greg MacKay4551722441988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Ron Marcotte53413778521984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Sylvain Marcotte3500081987-19892G Major Junior
Frank Mason100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Patrick McGarry100001987-19881G1970-11-03Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Greg McKay203301987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Dave McSheffrey50131124421988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Craig Melancon2114822501979-19801R1963-06-01 European Lower Leagues
Steve Mick5341822851987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Howdie Mickoski200041987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Sean Milburn7000401988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Shannon Mulligan10745911361801984-19883FNepean, ONTCollege-University
Doug Murray10871109180641984-19862F1967-01-16European Lower Leagues
Mark Myles451126371021987-19881R1971-11-03Ottawa, ONTMajor Junior
Peter Niehme504401988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Mark O'Connor96224261251987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Shawn O'Shaughnessy1200001984-19851GJunior A (Canada)
Tim Osby500021984-19851GCollege-University
Luc Ouellette571019291091985-19861D1966-06-18Ottawa, ONTMajor Junior
Benoit Poulin163912471988-19891 Major Junior
Alain Proulx11112271985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Steve Purdy7235311987-19881 Major Junior
Pat Rae11011201985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Dave Rich3812921221987-19892F1969-04-18Ottawa, ONTEuropean Elite
Scott Richardson301101988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Jim Ritchie100001988-19891R1970-08-15Chatham, ONTMinor Pro
Frank Rivard1142231532191984-19893College-University
Shawn Rivers53134760381987-19881D1971-01-30Ottawa, ONTMajor League
Ken Roy9647751225381987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Sylvain Saumure23151126451988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Brent Shaddick100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Frank Simon201101985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Jeff Stanton1801010421984-19851D1966-12-06Ottawa, ONTMinor Pro
Mike Stoddart11043581011641987-19892 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Svetkoff110101987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Tim Swords500061984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Mike Thebarge35142135491984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Chris Therien8314221988-19891D1971-12-14Ottawa, ONTMajor League
Serge Thibodeau3651116901988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Mike Upton2261319391984-19851Junior A (Canada)
Pablo Urbanyi100021987-19881 Junior A (Canada)
Rusty Vachon100001988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Keith Vokey201101988-19891 Junior A (Canada)
Chris Weir100001985-19861 Junior A (Canada)
Sam Zattolo3000101988-19891 Minor Pro
Terry Zoryk3359141101985-19861Major Junior

† denotes that the player's career team information is inaccurate due to incomplete data made available by a league.
‡ denotes that the player only appeared in the playoffs.
Note: The totals presented here may not be exact. If there is no official breakdown when a player was traded mid-season, his statistics are only included with the team he finished with. So you may see players with all zeros for statistics. This means their exact team totals were not available. Their games-played will not be accounted for with any of the teams they played with in this case.