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U. of Moncton Statistics and History

The U. of Moncton are a College/University hockey team based in Moncton, NB playing in the Atlantic University Sport from 1970 to 2013.

Team Information

U. of Moncton
Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union

U. of Moncton
Atlantic University Athletic Association

U. of Moncton
Atlantic University Sport

25 Seasons
Yearly Standings

Season Team League Division GP W L T OTL SOL Pts Pct GF GA PIM Atten. Coach Result
1970-71U. of MonctonCIAUAIAA18711000140.38965990
1979-80U. of MonctonAUAAWest27224100450.8331931180
1983-84U. of MonctonAUAA00000000.000000
1986-87U. of MonctonAUAAMacAdam24204000400.833133780
1989-90U. of MonctonAUAAMacAdam00000000.000000
1990-91U. of MonctonAUAAMacAdam00000000.0001141240
1991-92U. of MonctonAUAAMacAdam00000000.000000
1992-93U. of MonctonAUAAMacAdam00000000.000000
1993-94U. of MonctonAUAAMacAdam00000000.000000
1994-95U. of MonctonAUAAMacAdam26157400340.6541671120
1998-99U. of MonctonAUAAMacAdam261210310280.5381161170
1999-00U. of MonctonAUSMacAdam261411010290.5581151100
2000-01U. of MonctonAUS27714420200.3701071270
2001-02U. of MonctonAUS28169210350.6251171000
2002-03U. of MonctonAUS28918010190.339821060
2003-04U. of MonctonAUS28815320210.375761040
2004-05U. of MonctonAUS28148420340.60786730
2005-06U. of MonctonAUS28188110380.67991750
2006-07U. of MonctonAUS28224020460.821142790Bob Mongrain
2007-08U. of MonctonAUS281710010350.625110910Bob Mongrain
2008-09U. of MonctonAUS28168040360.643107930Bob Mongrain
2009-10U. of MonctonAUS281216000210.429761080
2010-11U. of MonctonAUS281015300230.411821090
2011-12U. of MonctonAUS28189010370.661101870
2012-13U. of MonctonAUS281210060300.53688980